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Simple Living by D

Hello and welcome to Live Dream Create-D

I’m Dimitra, an Australian-Cypriot living on this majestic island called Cyprus!

My dream is to travel the world and see what it has to offer. So when I moved to Cyprus I immediately thought……. Yesssss…. my dreams will come true, I will see the world!

A bit about me and my dogs, Sasha and Wolfy!

My relationships with my dogs (Sasha and Wolfy) are not like your typical relationship with all the cuddles and playing catch. I’m more of a not so hand on type of gal! I actually hate it when they slobber all over the floor and when their wet nose touches my skin. It grosses me out, and to think I grew up around all sorts of pets.

To be totally honest, after an incident with a dog chasing me when I was around 8 years old, I was terrified of dogs. To have overcome this fear is great as I now have two wonderful dogs that show me their unconditional love and affection even when I’m more drawn back then they are.

So I have Sasha (female) and Wolfy (male). Now Sasha is Wolfy’s mother but more about that later on.

my husky Wolfy having run in the snow
my husky Sasha enjoying the beach

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