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If you are looking for reasons to live with less then I will give you 10 reasons to do just that. However, everyone may have some specific goals for living with less and so it goes a little deeper for each and every one of us.

When decluttering and perusing a simplified lifestyle, we need to make sure we are clear on our WHY. Why we are doing this? What do we hope to achieve? We need to write down our reason for living with less.

Our why or reason is what will help us push through to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s what will make sure that we don’t give up.

Living with less has many benefits but you need to figure out your reasons and benefits as we all have different ideas of how simple living is for us. For some it is to live and connect with nature more, for others it may be to not have so much to do and be able to relax more. Whatever your reason is to live a simpler lifestyle it’s what will help you stay on your  declutter journey.

So, be very clear from the beginning on what it is you want. It is ok to change your wants along the way as so many of us do and this is just part of our nature. We evolve and our wants evolve with us.

Here are my 10 reasons to live with less which will help you keep going too…

  1. Less time spent on cleaning and maintaining the house.
  2. Stress is less since you have less to manage.
  3. Health improves as we have more time to take care of ourselves and our families.
  4. We are happier due to doing more of what we love with the time we have.
  5. The ability to save money, since we are not buying as much stuff unless necessary.
  6. Your homes will always look great and if not, it won’t take much to get it into shape.
  7. You will be able to invest in more quality items for your home and your family.
  8. The sense of freedom to do what you love, whether it’s a hobby or spending time as a family.
  9. Less decisions to make hence less fatigue.
  10. You can easily find everything as everything has a home and they are not misplaced in a pile of clutter.

These are just 10 of the many benefits in which give you enough reason to pursue a simpler lifestyle. There are of course many more but these will get you started. Print these out and have them on hand to help you understand the reasons for going through with the decluttering process and what your final goal is.

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dimitra georgiou

Hi there! I’m Dimitra!

I love coffee, travelling, daydreaming, organising, dancing and crafting.

I help you get rid of the clutter in your home, establish new easy organising systems which you and your family can keep on top of so as to never have clutter again.

I also establish positive rules to be able to maintain the clutter free lifestyle you envision.

With my help we eliminate the stress and overwhelm of the process and at the same time you get to understand more about your own habits. This will eventually help you not fall back into those ways which had allowed you to accumulate clutter in the first place.

Simple Morning routines

Free 5-Day Declutter Mini-Challenge

Space means more free time, this means more time spent with our families and doing things we love. Not spending the whole time trying to get our home clean and under control.



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