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2 Year blogging anniversary!


Happy 2nd Year Anniversary! It’s indeed my 2 year blogging anniversary! That’s right today 22nd Of October 2019 is my blogs 2 year anniversary! It has been 2 years already and I have grown and learnt so much from all of you and I hope you all have learnt a lot from me too.

2 Year blogging anniversary is such a big deal for me and I hope for all of you too. It’s time for a 2 year recap!

Start of my Journey

For those who want to see my journey from the start you can see my very first post here. It is all about my Husky kids! 2 Years ago today I decided to start a blog and because I wanted you all to learn something about me first I started with this blog post first. If you are new here and want to know more about me then continue here.

The past year

During this past year a lot has happened and unfortunately it has taken its toll on my blog. I have made a bigger presence on Instagram and have also been taking photography lessons and so much more!

I have been learning and improving my skills while getting out fewer posts I have made an effort in giving you better quality. ‘Quality over Quantity’ this is what everyone says and I must admit, they are right. Better quality work has given me the opportunity to get to know better all of you but also you all have gotten to know me more too.


However this is also something new coming that will allow us to get even better acquainted. I am going to be starting a newsletter as a way for us to connect easier, but also to let you in on the new scoop first hand! So keep an eye out for when this will go live, and I really hope it will be soon! 

Let’s do a small recap of my best blog posts that all of you have found most useful or relatable.


My ‘Top Ten Things to do in Larnaca’ is a best blog on travel. Here I talk about the things you can see or do in my home city in Cyprus. For those of you who haven’t read it yet and are looking for a holiday destination this city is so amazing any time of the year. Read more here.

My second best travel blog post is ’48 Hours in Sofia – The Full Itinerary’. Here you will read a full detailed itinerary of what you can do and see in just 24 hours. You will be amazed at how much you can really do and see in this wonderful city of Bulgaria. Don’t believe me? Read more here.


No these posts were even better than my travel posts which really amazed me. I usually get asked a love of questions about travels and didn’t know if these topics would be of any interest but, I guess you all showed me just how much you were interested in these topics.

So let’s go ahead and see them…

  1. Autumn Decor Tips – How to decorate your home for Fall
  2. Inspiration for Home Decor
  3. 30 Things to get rid of today!
  4. The best Granola Recipe (Inspired by my amazing friend ‘Oh La Latkes’ 

All these posts make me want to continue to pour out more great quality content to help you all with more ideas, tips and knowledge on all these topics that you ask for.

I guess it seems that you all want more of travel and home inspired posts so that is what I will continue to be working towards.

Let’s connect

I would really love for you all to leave your thoughts on these two years that have gone by so fas. Or you could just pop in and say hi! What ever you like!

It is always nice to talk and connect with you all.

Happy Anniversary to ‘Live Dream Create – D’!


Hi there! I’m D and I love coffee, travelling, daydreaming, organising, dancing, crafting and basically sharing with everyone I know,  everything I know!

I created ‘Live Dream Create – D’ to share my passions with all of you!

So welcome to my everything, right here!


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