20 Ways to use baskets to help you get organised

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organising with baskets

Baskets are very good at helping you get organised in the beginning of you journey to getting more organised. The best things about baskets are that they are versatile. You can use them literally in every room of your home and they can be left on display too.

However, in order to get more organised, you ideally should declutter first because organising clutter is just not a good idea as it is still clutter. Decluttering will help you keep what matters and will also lower your stress level of maintaining everything in your home. If you need more help with decluttering then check out my other articles on decluttering and you can also sign up to my 5 day declutter challenge which is totally free.

Once you are done with the decluttering you can then get started with organising what is left in your home.

Some ways you can use baskets to get organised are as follows:

  1. To store out of season clothes and shoes
  2. To sort your hats, swimwear, scarfs etc
  3. To organise pet toys in the living room
  4. To store your linen in sets or per room
  5. The same with bath towels
  6. To organise your shoes at your entrance or mud room
  7. To store and display fruit or veggies on your kitchen counters
  8. To store your bedroom throws and throw pillows at night.
  9. To have a place for your donate items
  10. To have a place for dirty clothes for laundry
  11. To keep your overflow stock for pantry items
  12. To keep seasonal decorations, i.e., Birthday décor, plates, cups etc.
  13. To store kids’ toys in the living room without being an eye sore
  14. To organise your under-console storage area
  15. Have a basket for each family member to throw in their random stuff that they need to put back later so that the home stays clear of clutter.
  16. To store cleaning supplies in the laundry or under sink area
  17. To store extra toilet paper in the guest bathroom
  18. Organise open shelving with baskets to look more uniform and pretty
  19. Organise paperwork like a filing cabinet system. This takes less space and easy to find stuff too.
  20. Organise your office space with baskets to contain smaller items.

As you can see there are many ways to use baskets in all sorts of areas in your home to help you get organised. Some ideas also double up as home décor and also help with setting up routines to help keep the clutter away.

Organising does take time and while some of these ideas will work for you, some others may not. But that’s ok, that is just how it is. You need to try a couple of methods to find the perfect one and even then in a few months or years your organising style may change depending on current situations and circumstances. That is why we need to learn to declutter and be more carefree in terms of stuff in our homes. As we change and evolve so should everything around us evolve and change.

I hope you adapt some of these ideas into your home organising and please do let me know how you go and what you liked best.

For more on Decluttering read: 3 Ways to just start decluttering or 4 Tips to declutter faster.

Sign up for my free 5 day declutter challenge here

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