Ocean at Apollo Bay in Australia



When I hear the Great Ocean Road my mind travels to Apollo Bay! Yes, Apollo Bay and not the 12 Apostles. You see I stayed the night in Apollo Bay in this gorgeous, sleek and very modern house in order to see part of the Great Ocean Road. That crisp morning breeze and the porch overlooking the beach was to die for, and to think, people actually live here! OMG just writing about this place brings back so many memories and the feeling of wanting to go back and see more. Take me back!




Alright let me shake myself out of this feeling and get back to telling you what amazing things I got to see and do over this weekend.


Basically this weekend getaway started on a Friday afternoon. Left the comfort of the warm house I was staying in, and into the freezing cold weather to go to Apollo Bay where it is going to be even colder since we were going to be by the sea where there are cooler winds!


Reaching our destination late at night all we did was unpack the car and head off to find a place to eat dinner! The lovely fresh fish available in this picturesque village was finger licking good! It is a must when you’re in Apollo Bay.



Day 1


We woke up very bright and early to a wonderful view of the beach. Had a quick coffee and we were out the door!



Our first stop was the 12 Apostles! Yay…I had waited my whole life to see them, you know, before they all fall down! The funny part is that while I was born in Australia and visited these places before as a child, I have no recollection of the 12 Apostles what so ever. This is why I had to see them! They are so amazing and while you can see the bottom part of the ones that have been eroded by the harsh waves, you could also see the ones that were still standing tall! They are limestone cliffs that with the passing of time from and the help of the erosion these were caves that became arches that finally formed what we see today, a stack of limestone away from the shoreline!






Next stop was the tree top walk! This rainforest adventure, walking amongst the top of the trees is literally breathtaking. Breathing in that fresh crisp wet air! When we arrived it was pouring down but that did not stop me. I went for it, the whole 1.9km walk, with the rain trickling down my face and glasses, very hard to see with rain drops on my glasses, soaking wet coat and cold fingertips, but I did it! It was a great workout too. The amazing view from the, 45 meter high, spiral tower is magnificent and keep in mind you are 25 meters up!




Next up were the triplet falls! Yet another rainforest but this one had 3 waterfalls cascading down the lush rainforest. It is a one hour walk and you sort of go in a circle, and as you start your way you see many trees and ferns of the rainforest. As you go deeper into the rainforest you can start to hear the sound of the waterfall. There are many platforms to see the waterfalls but the only downside is that you cannot get in too close. It is still worth going as you will be fascinated by all there is to see, even the old rail track and other artifacts still there from back in the day when the timber mill used to be there!




After this amazing day in nature we decided to go back to the village center of Apollo Bay to do a bit of shopping. Some of the most wonderful pieced of jewelry, accessories and clothing are usually found in small quaint villages like these!


Finally after all this walking and trekking we were hungry and tired. We headed back to base to storm up a barbeque! You know what the Aussie barbeques are all about…too much fun that’s all I can say oh and great tasting food! After dinner we walked down the promenade and had a coffee and back to the house for bed!


Day 2

Early morning wake up again, it the only way to see and take in as much as you can, and there is no way I’m going to leave anything behind! So up I got made my coffee and brekkie and the packed everything into the car as we were not coming back to the house! Bye bye house….bye bye Apollo Bay….till we meet again!


Off we went. First stop what to the shops in the village center since some stores were closed the day before so we tried again today! Then we drove down the Great Ocean Road towards Lorne. There was a bicycle event happening so we needed to get there before the road closed down for the bikes! We just made it into Lorne as the bikes were getting ready to start their race.



We walked around the towns promenade, taking in the majestic views and all the art and musical heritage found everywhere. Stopped in to have a quick coffee in one of the many unique and artsy cafes. Did some shopping. Also bought some souvenirs. By lunch time we had worked an appetite so we sat down to some very tasty, mouthwatering burgers! After lunch we strolled along the market where you could find anything from handmade crafts to fresh fruit and veggies!


While in the car on our way back to the suburbs of Melbourne, I was looking back on the photos I had tooken over the weekend. I immediately thought, WOW, there is always so much to see and do no matter where you are!


This was just a weekend escape! I knew that like this getaway there were more on my bucket list. Whether it would be in Australia or Cyprus I knew that I would take advantage of any weekends and public holidays to do day trips or weekend getaways!


How do you spend your weekend if not at home relaxing?


What is your ideal getaway?


Write in the comments your experiences and insight.


  • Edwin Prasetio

    Great idea! It’s not always to take days off for a vacation. Therefore, a short holiday weekend aka weekend getaway is actually enough to refresh our mind that is tired with the daily busyness.

    • D

      Edwin, you are absolutly right. Sometimes all we need is to recharge our batteries and what better way to do so than to get away for the weekend!

      D, xo

    • D

      Thank you Floby. I am so glad you liked my post. I hope you found some useful information. Sometimes the simple things around us are the most wonderful! We don’t always need an expensive vacation to relax or have fun!

      D, xo

    • D

      Joleisa I hope that my photos actual took you there to Apollo Bay and the Great Ocean Road. It is even more wonderful from up close, feeling the salty air blowing on your face and walking amongst the small shops(more like boutiques) it’s just amazing.

      D, xo

  • Jess

    Those photos are breathtaking I love water! On our weekends we usually go to a nearby beach and spend the day relaxing. It is winter here right now though so we don’t get out much too cold.

    • D

      I know the feeling of it being winter! I just wanted to share this with you all as to inspire everyone to sometimes go for a weekend getaway to relax and get ready for the week or month(s) ahead. Even if it is winter, we can still go for a weekend getaway!

      D, xo

  • Laura

    Thank you for taking us along. Wow. My best trip was going on the Rocky mountains along Bear Lake last Mother’s day with my hubby.

    • D

      You are very welcome Laura. I’m glad you enjoyed the trip through my post! I would love to hear about your trip to the Rocky mountains, do you have it up on a post or somewhere else I can read about it?

      D, xo

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