Spa gift basket tutorial
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The Ultimate Spa Basket Tutorial

The Ultimate Spa Basket Tutorial

So you guessed it! I’m going to give you my step by step tutorial of ‘How to make the Ultimate Spa Basket’! Yep, I’m letting you in on my secrets! My very own secret for making the perfect Spa Basket! My tips and tricks will help you make your own super special ultimate spa baskets! So grab a pen and paper and take notes!


Before we start, I know I don’t usually give out my tips and tricks, but I thought I would let you in on this one as I feel that you have all supported me through this fairly new process of setting up my blog and accepting me in your family and home that I wanted to give back to you all something very useful and helpful. So sit back and enjoy this tutorial. With this tutorial you will start making your own gift baskets like a pro and I will definitely love to see all your photos of the baskets you end up making.


I will give you the steps for how to make the Ultimate Spa Basket but always have in mind that you can apply my secret tips and tricks for any gift basket of your choice. Just remember to be creative! Think outside the box! Making gift baskets is a lot of fun and they are very versatile. You can make them for any occasion. I have made so many and for so many different occasions that it would be hard to list them all but I have made a quick list for you all to get an idea of what I mean.


Occasions that gift baskets are appropriate
Ideas for gift baskets

Here are a few occasions that you can make a gift basket:

Wedding shower

Baby Shower

It’s a boy/girl 

Valentine’s Day


Hens / Bachelor Party

Kitchen Tea Party

House Warming Party

Welcome to the neighborhood / Family

Get Well Soon



Thank you (for all your help)


These are only just a few! I am sure you all get what I am trying to say and I know you all have started to write down all these ideas that are coming to your minds right now. That’s great! This is wait we want. We want you to release those creative ideas from within and express them through your gifts.


Making your own gifts is very special. People appreciate it more as they know you put a lot of time and effort into their gift and that indeed you thought about them. But also you yourself feel proud and know that you have made a gift that you cannot find anywhere else. It is one of a kind and you made it. You made it for someone special.


Now down to business! Here is my step by step tutorial on how to make the Ultimate Spa Basket Gift!








The first step is to purchase the items you will place into your basket. This will depend on the person you are gifting the basket and also your budget.


So my tip for you is the following: 


Write down the following notes: 

The person you are making the basket for and write a few details about them. For instance, write down their favourite colour or their preference to music or fragrance or maybe a product you know that they want to try. These notes will help you decide with what colors or fragrances to buy the basket or products. 


Here is a list of products I refer to when I am trying to figure out what I will buy for my spa baskets:

Hand Creams/Lotions 

Body Creams/Lotions 

Body Scrubs 

Sleeping Masks 

Shower/Bath Gel 


Hair oil 

Hair Brush/Comb 

Scented Candles 

Massage tools 

Essential Oils 

Face or Hand Towel 


Body Brush 

Bath Bombs 

Bath Salts and more…

fragrance and self care products
product ideas for spa basket gifts




Based on the items you have purchased to put into the basket, you now have an idea of what size basket or box you will need to buy. At this point you will choose and buy the basket or box of your liking.

Gift basket ideas
ideas for baskets, crates and boxes



Now based on the basket or box bought you will need to decide on what filling to purchase. The filling of the basket gives it the special touch along with any other ribbons and cellophane to dress it all up.


A quick list of things I usually need:

  •  Filling (usually I choose one of the below):
  •  Tissue paper
  •  Shredded paper

Use a face/hand towel from the products you bought for the basket, this can double as a filler and product (secret tip)

Decor items (You may choose as many of the below as you like):


  • Ribbons
  • Glitter
  • Tags
  • Bows 
  • Special Notes about products / a note to the recipient
  • Card for your wishes to the recipient


Other General items (always have these on hand):

  • Scissors
  • Clear Tape
  • Cellophane
Spa Massage tools and other supplies
Massage tools for spa basket gifts




Now comes the fun part. Assembling the basket! Get you basket and layer your filling of choice in the basket. Make sure to let it drape a little over the sides or if you like just in the front of your basket. If you need to add more filler to make it prettier or to cover the sides add some of the fillers we mentioned above.

Tip: If you have no fillers then use old paper or newspaper and crunch it up or even a small box to use up as much space as possible and then layering the crunched up paper or your choice (the trick with the box also helps you stretch out your shredded paper if you do not have enough of it to fill the whole basket) Another tip is: you could also use 2 different colors for the fillers to give it a creative flair and give it dimension too.

Don’t be afraid to play around with different material and colors!


ssential oils and aromatics
Ideas for essential oils and aromatics



Add your items to your basket. Make sure to add the taller and bigger items at the back and smaller items in the front. Try to make sure that all your products are displayed nicely and can be seen as to what they are.

(Secret tip: adding that something that smells wonderful like a candle or like the lavender pouches I use in my  Scented Heart Pillows, will allow for that moment when they unwrap the basket, and that scent hits them! They will remember that scent and will be so impressed by that special touch with the fragrance.)





Wrap it up! Literally, wrap the basket in the cellophane and dress it with your ribbons/bows or anything else you bought for this purpose. Glam it up if you like! Or just leave it simple! It is totally up to you.


You are all done!


Now that you have a detailed step by step tutorial, I wish you all happy gifting!

I can’t wait to see what you all will make now.


Let me know what your first gift basket would be?

Would it be like the tutorial?

A spa basket or maybe something from the list?

Leave your comments below, I would love to hear your ideas…


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  • Floby

    I would love to receive the same idea of gift, sometimes things are the same over and over, but it will always be the thought that counts, a good tip, will do this in the future.

    • D

      I hope you enjoy making the gift as much as you would receiving it. Enjoy the process of it all too. Let me know how it turns out when you do give it a try.

      D, xo

    • D

      You are most welcome! I hope this helps you with making your own hamper! I would love to see what you make.

      D, xo


    That really is a comprehensive post, Dimitra! The next time I am about to gift a present, I’ll definitely consider making my own gift basket. Thank you for the great idea!

    • D

      You are welcome! I do hope you get inspired and try it out. It’s always great seeing what you all end up making. Have in mind it doesn’t have to be a basket. It could be a box, a crate or even a colander. I know you love cooking and backing so a colander would be a great idea! I hope I have given you some more ideas.

      D, xo

    • D

      Thank you for your compliments. However it is a very competitive business and it is always hard to stay ahead. I don’t usually give out my tips when it comes to business but I thought as my thank you to all of you who have supported me, it would be a nice treat. I hope this encourages you make your own gift baskets and also enjoy making them. It is a very sustainable gift and due to it’s usefulness people enjoy it more. Thank you again,

      D, xo

    • D

      Thank you xx. I hope this has inspired you to gift a basket in the future. Would like to see what you make. Message me with photos when you do make you basket.

      D, xo

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