Homemade Dog Treats
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Homemade dog treats ready!

Homemade Dog Treats


We all want our dogs to have an odd treat or two, buuuuut we also want them to have something that will be healthy! So homemade dog treats is what we are making today!


There are so many chemicals and preservatives in the ready bought treats that I prefer to make some at home for my dogs.  In some cases I do find treats at the pet store that are freeze dry which is a better option than most treats. You will never see me buying the tin cans unless prescribed by their doctor and I also try not to give them those bones that are usually filled with fat and skin of other animals. It is just gross! They usually smell awful too!


So I have 2 go to recipes. One is more for winter as they are like cookies, while the other is for summer. The summer ones I will leave for another time since summer is not quite here yet, and I will give you the winter treat recipe for our furry friends!


The recipe is very simple and is also edible for us humans too! (Not my ideal treat though – hahaha) It’s called Tuna Brownies!


How to make tuna brownie dog treats


Tuna Brownies


2 small cans of tuna in water (drain the water)

2 eggs

½ cup of wheat flour (or oat flour or spelt flour)


Homemade Tuna Brownies!



First preheat your oven to 125⁰C (250⁰F)


Next mix all the ingredients together until well combined and becomes dough like consistency. (You may need to use your hands to mix it and get it into dough like consistency)


All ingrediants for Dog tuna brownies



Then place the dough onto a cookie sheet or baking pan of some sort and either roll out the dough or just place clumps of it and flatten it out with your hands. 


Dog Tuna Brownies ready for the oven


Make sure the thickness is about 0.5cm thickness (1/4 inch thickness)


Then place the cookie sheet in the oven for approximately 30 minutes


Once finished, let cool and cut into strips or squares or however you fancy!


Fresh out of the oven are the Tuna Browines for Dogs


Tuna Dog Brownies cut up into cookie pieces


These are now ready for your dogs!


What do you think of this simple but nutritional recipe?


Will any of you be making these any time soon?


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