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My go to Perfumes!

I know that everyone has a go to perfume, but I have 3! Not just one but 3!


You see depending on the season and weather I have my go to perfume. So I have 3 main perfumes, one for summer, one for winter and one for autumn/spring.


I can be very picky with my perfumes as I have allergies. Some of the heavier perfumes do not go well with me! (Hahahahaha) If they are too strong I end up sneezing all day long and then my eye water up and so those perfumes are not a good option for me.




I also want my perfume to reflect my mood and show my confidence and character. Am I asking for too much from a perfume? Well I don’t think so, as the aroma of a perfume that lingers in the air once you’re gone, makes heads turn around and take notice but also you have them questioning who you are? What perfume was that? Where did she go?


People say that the best perfume for you is the one you wear but you can’t smell it yourself but others can! I guess in a way you could call that perfume as your signature perfume.




Some perfumes make you feel confident and energetic, while others may make you feel sexy and maybe even mysterious. A perfume has a lot to say with its aroma and the person wearing it.  Apparently the trend this year is to spray your hair with perfume as they say that it lasts longer. Who knows? Have you tried this trend?




In the summer I prefer a light and sort of refreshing perfume. My favourite is Burberry – The Beat. It is a spring and summer perfume and mostly for the day time but I usually use it in the summer. It doesn’t get my nose twitching or sneezing and so I love it. It has citrusy green aroma with a hint of woody that I just love. It makes me feel elegant but refreshed and beautiful in this summer heat we have here in Cyprus.




These 2 seasons are very different and yet I have the same perfume for both. No I am not crazy! I just love it and it makes me feel great wearing it! This autumn/spring perfume of mine is Hugo Boss – The Scent.



This is a more fruity and floral aroma with sweetness too. I just love it! It is so subtle on my skin and yet everyone around me smells it more than what I can. I guess this one may be my signature perfume!



Hugo Boss – The Scent is mostly for spring and to be worn during the day but, who cares? I don’t! I wear it both in spring and autumn and sometimes at night too. It has a sort of peachy smell to it. It makes me feel confident and lasts all day long!



Now this one has always been a hard one for me. Almost all perfumes I like are just too heavy and strong that my nose can’t handle the aroma and I just sneeze all day long.



The one that I adore the most and always have at home is Emporio Armani – Diamonds intense. It has a strong aroma of sweet, fruity, woody and floral hints that all make for a heavy aroma, but it seems not to be too harsh for my sensitive nose!



Mostly for night time but I do occasionally use it during the day if it is an all-day event like a wedding. Sometime I also use Hugo Boss – The Scent for winter days too! As I said before, which one I used also has to do with my mood but also the weather we have here in Cyprus.


These were my top 3 perfumes that I always have. I buy a new bottle before I run out of it so that I always know I have these at home. I haven’t bought the winter one in a long time as here in Cyprus it is not that cold nor does our winter last very long. As for the other 2 I have already bought a second and I think maybe a third one of the Burberry one.


Do you have any of these 3 perfumes?


What are your favourite perfumes?


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  • Alice Carroll

    I love that you mentioned that Emporio Armani perfume for women seems to be designed with sensitive noses in mind. I’m planning to buy one as a birthday gift for my mother-in-law this August. We have been mostly lukewarm with each other ever since I first met her but we do have a similar appreciation for luxury perfumes.

  • Roland

    Well, of course, I don’t wear perfume but my mother and sisters do. So I know a good smelling perfume when I smell one. If possible, I would like to share this.

    • D

      Roland, thank you for stopping by and your kind words. Thank you for sharing my post. I hope these perfumes help you with future gifts for your mother and sisters.

      D, xo

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