The best granola you have ever tasted

The BEST Granola Recipe!

The BEST Granola Recipe You’ll Ever Need


Don’t you just hate it when you search for something on the internet and you end up with so many results to choose from? You type in ‘easy granola recipes’ or ‘best granola recipes’, well I have found that perfect one for you so you don’t need to continue searching.


I have found the best granola recipe there is out there. It is easy, simple and you cannot go wrong with this recipe. Now before I get into details let me tell you how I came to find this recipe and why I loved it so much.






So now that summer is coming to an end and we are all back from our holidays, we are looking to get back into shape and back into our routine.


One of the best ways to get back into shape is by eating right and what better way than to plan out your weekly breakfasts. By planning ahead of time you eliminate the risk of not eating healthy or skipping breakfast entirely! This is where this AH-MAZING recipe comes in!


I have always wanted to make my own granola instead of buying the ready-made ones. For starters when you make it yourself you know exactly what you put in it and there for you have control over the calories and sugars.






When I decided to search for a recipe I immediately thought of my wonderful friend who lives in Austria. You see she has an awesome blog full of recipes and here recipes are easy to follow and always end up tasty and finger liking good!


She goes by ‘E’ and she is awesome! We met through our blogs and ever since became really good friends. The blog is called ‘OH LA LATKES’ and it is ‘A place for all things charming, dainty, beautiful and delicious’ as she says on her blog! I suggest you all go to her lovely blog an see her amazing recipes and try them out too! You will definitely find all her recipes to be healthy and easy to make. She provides you with a step by step method that helps follow her recipes with ease.  You can visit her blog here.


The original recipe can be found here since I made a few tweaks as to my preference in taste. You can see my take on her amazing recipe below.



*This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase any of the mentioned products in my post above, through the links I have provided I will make a small commission that is at no additional expense to you.

Granola Recipe





  • First things first, preheat your oven to 150◦c
  • Then add all your dry ingredients into a large bowl
  • In a saucepan melt down the coconut oil with the honey and add the cinnamon, vanilla and salt.
  • Pour your dry ingredients into the saucepan and mix well so as to cover your nuts and seed with the oil mixture.
  • Then place onto your baking tray and bake for 60 minutes or until golden brown. Make sure to stir the mixture every 15 minutes.
  • Let cool and it is ready to be served.





This recipe is indeed foolproof, no matter what you add or subtract from the seeds and nuts it will end up delicious! I even swapped out the maple syrup from the original recipe with honey as I ran out of maple syrup.


This granola can be paired with yoghurt or milk. You can add fresh fruit or dried fruit and even oats. Another idea is to add chocolate chips, cereal or even eat it with ice-cream (but we don’t eat it with ice-cream as we are being healthy right?)




  • Chocolate chips
  • Dried fruit (sultanas, dates, figs, apricots)
  • Fresh fruit (apple, pear, banana, kiwi, berries)
  • More shredded coconut
  • Raw nuts
  • Maple syrup or honey
  • Drizzle of chocolate syrup
  • Oats


Eat it with….

  • Milk / Milk alternative
  • Yoghurt
  • Dip a banana into the granola for a quick snack
  • Eat it with your porridge
  • Have it with overnight oats
  • Turn them into popsicles or ice-cream bites with yoghurt or fresh fruit
  • Add to pancake batter or batter for scones
  • Sprinkle on top of cakes, cupcakes or even pies


Whatever you decide to add to your granola or however you eat it I promise you that this will be the most delicious granola you have ever tasted in your entire life.


So come on get going!

Go get your ingredients and make your granola today!


Have any questions, just ask me below.


*This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase any of the mentioned products in my post above, through the links I have provided I will make a small commission that is at no additional expense to you.

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    • D

      Crystal, the best part is that you can substitute any nuts or seeds for other nuts or seeds. I have made it 3 times since my blog post and even hubby likes it! He even sprinkled some over his ice-cream the other day! (hahahahaha)


  • Gemma

    I have always wanted to make my own granola too, and since you are saying this is the best out there then I am going to have to try it. Thanks!

    • D

      Thank you Marie for stopping by and your kind words. It is truely an amazing recipe and I know you will love it. It’s simple to make and it’s full of goodness!

      D, xo

  • Brenna

    We will be working this into our recipes in the upcoming week. Granola is a staple in our house and we would love a yummy homemade snack!

    • D

      Brenna, I am so glad you will be trying out this amazing recipe. Would love to see your end product and hear your thoughts on the recipe once you have tried it out.

      D, xo

  • Cassie

    I’ve been looking for a good granola recipe – gluten free is a plus! Last time I made my own, I forgot it was in the oven and burnt it so badly!!

    • D

      OMG,please do not forget this one in the oven. It is soooo tasty you’ll want to try it not burn it. lol. Maybe put a timer on so you remember to check and mix it every 15 mins.

      D, xo

  • Beth

    It looks good. I’m always a little shocked by how expensive granola is, so I rarely buy it. I’ll have to price this out and see how it compares.

    • D

      Hi Beth,
      I was the same on this topic but it turns out that you end up with some ingredients being left over for future use which does make your money stretch a little. You could always purchase your ingredients from a wholesaler too. Just some tips to keep in mind and also because you pair the granola with other ingredients, again you are streching your money. If you have any questions I’ll be happy to get back to you. Hope this helps.

      D, xo

  • Leslie

    I love granola! I put it on everything and when I don’t I eat it by itself. I’ve tried so many granola recipes that aren’t good at all, I’m going to give this one a try too.

    • D

      Leslie, I am telling you this recipe is worth trying it out. Once you have tried it you will never look for another recipe to try. Don’t be afraid to substitute an ingredient if you don’t like it but I am telling you girl this is the best granola recipe out there!

      D, xo

    • D

      Oh well then Charlie you have got to try this one out! I am sure, no I am positively sure you will love this recipe!

      D, xo

    • D

      That’s great! You could even get them to help out with the recipe. They will ove it even more if they help out. As a kid I used to always anticipate the end part were I got to eat what I helped make! It always tasted that much better because I helped make it. Or at least thats what we all thought as keid, right?

      D, xo

  • candy

    Your granola recipe is very close to the one we have been making for several years now. We leave out the walnuts, hubby doesn’t care for them. Love homemade granola on our homemade yogurt.

    • D

      WOW! You make your own yoghurt? That is soooo cool! I wish I knew how to make my own yoghurt. I am so excited for you to try out this recipe, just leave out the walnuts and substitute them with something else that your hubby does care for and I am sure you will both enjoy your homemade granola!

      D, xo

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