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30 Things to get rid of today!



De-cluttering seems like a huge task to all of us but it doesn’t have to be! We make it harder on ourselves as we get too attached to some items that we might not even need or use.


We are not used to getting rid of our material possessions, only buying and accumulating more stuff! That is how we should see these possessions as stuff, so we can become more detached to material goods. I am not saying go minimal but I am saying that there are a few things that we can all get rid of today.


What is Declutter?


Declutter is the act of getting rid of mess or clutter from a room or space. Clearing out mess is actually decluttering, so we all do this without realising it.


Getting rid of stuff today will actually make you feel better in the long run as a lot of the material goods you have can be thrown away today.  Most of these material objects are things that just take up space in your home that you never use.


What you need to start decluttering


Decluttering shouldn’t cost you anything and you do not need any type of tools. The only things you need are 3 big boxes or 3 big bags. Label them as ‘DONATE’ ‘RUBBISH’ and ‘KEEP’.  If you like you could add 2 more boxes as ‘GIFT’ and ‘SELL’ so you can be more organised with your final items in each box.


If you will stay with the first 3 boxes mentioned then the Donate box can also be for the items you will gifts to others or the items you are going to take to the thrift store or sell. Your keep pile is meant for organisation; don’t leave those items in that box. At the end of the day that box should be empty. As for the rubbish box, that should be emptied into your rubbish bin.


Now you don’t have to throw everything away into the bin. Some things can be donated; others can be gifted or even sold. So before you throw out whatever it is ask yourself these questions, is it in good condition? Does someone else in my family or friends need this or want this? If yes, write on it the name of the person you will give it to and then place it into the donate box.


Enough of the chit chat, let’s get to it!

Here are my top 30 items you can throw away today.

Throw them away and clear out your space.



Declutter made easy for you! Throw out these 30 things today and declutter your home now!  #declutter #cleannow #messfree


List of 30 things you can get rid of today!


1. Old Magazines you have lying around. You know you will not look at them again nor will you need them for anything, so throw them into the recycle bin!


2. Expired goods in your pantry! I mean what will you do with them, they are expired, so throw them away and make room in your cabinets to see what you have and what you need.


3.Stationary items like pens with no ink or pencils that are too small to sharpen, even markers without ink. All these items can go straight to the bin. Clear it away from your desk, from your kids pencil cases and even check your bag for these items too.


4.Empty perfume bottles and deodorant containers too. If you were holding onto the perfume bottle to buy it again, no worries! Take a photo of it and keep the photo for when you do go out to buy it. Even better place a reminder on your calendar with the name of the perfume so as to not forget to buy it!


5.Clothing that no longer fit! We all leave them in the closet thinking that we will someday fit into them! Just get rid of them and when the day comes and you lose the weight, then treat yourself to new clothing! Donate your clothes to those in need or if you are in need of some cash, then sell them on eBay, Facebook or even have a garage sale!


6.Trinkets and favours that you do not use or like. Holding onto them with the thought of what will people say if they come over and don’t see their wedding favour or gift doesn’t stand anymore! For all they know you might even have it in another room, so don’t hold onto it just for this reason. Clear the clutter!


7.Old Cables lying around and don’t belong anywhere. If they are not needed then recycle them. You don’t need these sort of things taking up space in your home, give it to someone who needs it or recycle.


8.Eye glasses or sunglasses that are broken, old or wrong prescription. You will never get round to fixing them and so why hold onto them.


9.Old towels and linen. These are usually useful to animal shelters so donate to an animal shelter near you.


10.Clear out old and expired make up and nail polish. Clear it all away and make your makeup draw clean and organised. Have double of a perfectly good lipstick or nail polish? Give one to a friend. Make a gift basket with a few items you have at home that are new and still good. (Tutorial on how to make your own spa basket gift here)


11.Expired coupons you thought you would use up but never got round to it or even forgot you had them. Clean out your coupons and organise them in a binder. Less clutter and easy to see what you do have. If you’re a neat freak like me try to have sections and maybe index them by categories.


12.High school and university text books, books and notes. Anything that is not useful throw it into the recycle bin. Anything that is useful make sure to put aside and maybe take to your office or organise it in your home office for easy access.


13.Miss matching cutlery, dishes, cups and other kitchen utensils. That pretty set of plates you keep around because you love them so much but are all chipped on the sides, well um I hate to break it to you! They are no longer pretty. Throw them out.


14.The same goes for miss matching socks! We all have this happen to us. For some unexplained reason we lose one of the socks in a pair and we hold onto it for when we will find the other one. Well I have news for you again. If you haven’t found it within a month, chances are you won’t find it at all. Donate it.


15.Gifts you received but never used or needed. These could be kitchen appliances, technology stuff or even clothes that are not returnable. Try giving it to someone who needs it. Or you could also sell it. If you’re not using it and won’t use it in the next 12 months, get rid of it.



30 things to throw out today!



16.Medication cabinet, clean out the expired medications. This will also to make sure you don’t buy more than you need.


17.Books that you never read and probably will never read. This has happened to me before. I bought a novel thinking it was awesome, but when I started to read it I just couldn’t get into it. So instead of putting it on the bookshelf I put it in my donate box to take to the thrift store or give to a friend. So don’t keep them if you don’t plan on reading them.


18.Containers without a lid! If they don’t have a lid then how can you use them? So just throw them out or recycle.


19.Shoes you never wear because they are too tight or too high.


20.Used candles that have no more wick. Candles you do not like the smell of. Even if you are not a candle person and never light up candles, get rid of them then.


21.Used note books or too many unused note books. Used ones throw them out, but the unused note books donate or even give them to the kids in the family to use.


22.Old mobile phones and their charges. Technology changes so quick these days that there is no use holding on to your old phones. The value of mobile phones will not rise any time soon.


23.Old Greetings cards that you kept for sentimental reasons. You really do not need them. Take a photo of them and save them to a USB if you want, but chances are you will never look at them again.


24.Costume jewellery you have not worn in over a year. Im not talking about your expensive ‘real’ jewellery but the cheap ones that are not worth anything. If you haven’t worn it in a year , throw it out.


25.Board games you never play anymore. Take them out and keep one or two and donate the rest. If within a year you don’t play with the two you left behind, make sure to get rid of them too.


26.Bags and purses you have not used in over 3 years. Chances are that once you try to use them they will fall apart. They are not made to last a life time. So check them out and see which ones are already getting old and damaged and throw them out.


27.Take out condiments and containers. Most likely the condiments have already expired and as for the containers, they are only for single use.


28.Old appliance manuals. You already know how to use the fridge and the washing machine so you really don’t need the manual. Even if you did need it, you could find it online. Everything is on the internet nowadays.


29.Take out menus that are old and outdates. You may even have duplicate menus, so check them and get rid of them.


30.VHS tapes that you have and never see them. Get them copied to a CD or DVD or even USB. Unless you have a VHS system to see them, get them copied and throw them out.


Throw out these 30 items today!




These were my 30 things to get rid of and declutter your home today. Make sure to actually get rid of these things you have collected in your boxes.


The rubbish goes to the rubbish bin while the sale and gifted items need to go to the people you will gift them and the stores you will take to sell them.


If you are going to sell on eBay or Facebook or any other online store, then take photos as upload them today to get them sold!


As for the donate pile, take them to the place you are donating them too. If you are going to fix something, then take it to get fixes. DO NOT just leave them in the box as all you have done is move the clutter around! Get rid of these things today!


If you have any other ideas to add as to what you can clear away today let us know in the comments below. I look forwards to seeing and chating about this topic!



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  • Charlotte

    You’ve inspired me to clean up! I’m such a hoarder so it’s great having a list like this to help break down all of my stuff into easier chunks.

    • D

      Awww thank you Charlottee! I too love lists as they help you stay focused and not stress out about all the other stuff! Slowly you will clear all your clutter away, so stay strong! You can do this!

      D, xo

    • D

      Thank yo Jennifer! If you have any other items you would like to add to my list please feel free to tell us!

      D, xo

    • D

      Hmmm you may need to start with this type of declutter so to make it simpler when the time comes to pack everything else in boxes! If you need any more tip please do contact me if you like.

  • Emily

    I have so many of these things lying around my house right now. It’s a dreary day today, so I might just start getting rid of some stuff around here! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • candy

    You have inspired me to start small and start decluttering. Many of these items can leave my home now.

    • D

      Candy, I am so happy for you. Indeed these are small ways to clear mess without feeling pressure to clear out everything. You go girl! Let’s get out homes clean and ready for the next season!

      D, xo

  • ShootingStarsMag

    All good things to get rid of! I’ve been trying to go through my books more often and get rid of things I doubt I’ll ever read, or at least not for a long time.


    • D

      Lauren, do not feel stressed about this. Just take it one step at a time. Try to gift or donate 1 book each month. This means 12 books will be gonw from your home in 1 years time. So take it slow and steady. Don’t feel overwhelmed, easy does it! If you like any more tips, pop me a message!

      D, xo

  • Suktara

    I love this post because I believe decluttering just makes you lighter mentally. I love how you made a really comprehensive list, I mean who would have thought of condiments, board games and greeting cards. Although I do practice decluttering once a year but that’s only limited to my old clothes, newspapers and magazines. So this list was super helpful. Thanks for sharing this. I will certainly share it further in my network.

    • D

      Thank you do much Suktara. I love helping others and I find that making lists help me out more than just looking at the mess and not knowing where to start from. I hope that others will be inspire to start to declutter too! Thank you for share it further too!

      D, xx

    • D

      You are sooo welcome Susie. It doesn’t have to be hard! Keep me posted with your progress if you like!

      D, xo

  • Ciara

    Hi, this is a helpful post for people like me who don’t know where to start! I often hoard things I never use so I will hav to do a proper de-clutter and be more ruthless next time.

    • D

      Hi Ciara, I think this method is exactly what will help you to start to cope with the clutter. This is how I started out and now I keep this up on a monthly basis. I hope to soon write more on this topic. That is if you are all interested in it. Thank you

      D, xo

    • D

      Waynna, you will be amazed at just how much ‘stuff’ we accumulate and also how hard it will seem in the begining to throw these items out. Stick with it and you will clear out a lot of the items in no time!

      D, xo

    • D

      I know the feeling Erin. I was there once and now I feel much better but decluttering is an on going process for me as my hubby like to accumulate things and well, I try not to! Hahahaha

      D, xo

  • Jessica

    I have been trying to get my husband to get rid of his college text books for years! I am going to show him your post! 😉 Also have to admit that I tend to hang onto greeting cards…taking a picture is a great idea!

    • D

      Jessica, I hope your husband finds these tips useful. I know that once you start to clear out stuff he will definatly see the difference and will appreciate it too. Give him an option to scan them on a USB and maybe only allow him to keep maybe a few. This way it will not be overwhelming and once he sees that he will never need or use them he will get rid of the other ones in the end too. Also another idea for your greetings cards is to choose your absolute favourite and keep them in an album. Then get rid of the rest! I hope this extra tip will help you and your husband to start your declutter on the right foot!

      D, xo

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