20 Things to do before 2019

20 Things to do before the end of the year!



As the weeks approach nearer and nearer to the end of the year we all start to think about what we achieved or did not achieve this past year.

There are always things in life that we might not achieve in the time we set and so we need to work harder for or that we need to work for it over a longer period of time. The thing is to always keep trying and never give up!


If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again’


We all owe it to ourselves to try and accomplish our dreams, goals and anything else we want. The way to do it is by planning, having a strategy in place and also trying to make that plan and strategy work.  But this is another subject entirely.


What I did want to say though is that sometimes makings a list of things to do in a shorter timeframe helps. Also sometimes we need to remember that it is not always about sticking to a schedule or a plan. Sometimes you need to do somethings for you and your sanity and conscience.


20 Achievable points to do before the end of the year!




We all need to remember to do things that have meaning, to relax and to be aware of our surroundings and people in our lives. This is why I have come up with a list of 20 things to do before the year ends. I hope to achieve all or at least most of these points.  Maybe you could join with me? We can do these together.


Feel free to add anything you want and make it more personalized to your lifestyle if you like but I think I have a covered a lot with the variety of things to do. Take a look and let me know what you think and if you are on board join in!




With this list I am aiming to achieve somethings for my friends, family and of course myself. Some of the points are also for my household and my sanity.


We need to remind ourselves of the things that truly matter in life and that it is also okay to do something for ourselves every once in a while. Most of the time we usually feel guilty when we take the time to do for ourselves and well IT IS okay for us to take a break and relax sometimes. We do need to treat ourselves ever now and again as it also allows us to be better wives, girlfriends and mothers.


Taking a break means we get to calm down and relax, sort or rebooting our system in a way. This way we handle the problems that come our way with a calm and level head.


Anyway enough of my babble and on to the list!


Let’s see what I have here for you and me.


20 ideas for you to do before the next year!





  1. Call the person you keep saying you will call but never get round to it. Don’t let life get in the way, call them today.
  2. Buy that one expensive bag or pair of shoes that you always want but feel like you shouldn’t spend so much on that one item. You deserve it, splurge and buy that one thing you always wanted.
  3. Spring clean your home and get rid of any unwanted clothes, books, appliances, boxes and anything else. Here is a list of 30 things to get rid of today.
  4. Go on a romantic dinner with your husband/boyfriend. Enjoy the time together without the stress of the day or even mobile phones.
  5. Put on your favourite song and dance your heart away with no one watching, just dance the way you like.
  6. Set some attainable, achievable goals for next year and plan out how to go about them. This can be a small goal or a bigger goal. As long as it is achievable.
  7. Take a whole afternoon off from house work and give yourself a spa at home or even better go to a spa and get a massage. (You could try out Apitvita products for a home facial, see my review here)
  8. Read a book you have been meaning to read but never get round to it. (See my latest reads here)
  9. Go on a weekend getaway just you and hubby or even with kids. Just have a simple weekend getaway from your usual routine. (Read here camping for beginners, that was one of my weekend getaways too!) 
  10. Have a girl’s night out for drinks. Just a girl’s night out to talk about everything and anything girls chat about.
  11. Make a point to say at least one nice thing to a person a day for the rest of the month or year.
  12. Visit your parents and spend a day with them helping them with whatever they need.
  13. Organize one area of your home that needs to be more functional.
  14. Get a basic exercise routine going, something that is appropriate for your lifestyle and something that you are able to do consistently. It doesn’t have to be often nor long in time. It can be as little as twice a week jogging for 30 mins. Try to add this to your routine though so as to make it part of your lifestyle.
  15. Get your debts in order, whether it is to ask for an interest rate deduction or maybe try to find ways to be debt free quicker. Take a look at your debts and finances to see what you can improve. Get professional advice if needed. Some ways to save and pay more on your loans is to reduce existing expense in the house or even cutting them out completely like cutting out cable TV.
  16. Plan out a holiday for next year. Write it down on paper and write out ways to save money for that trip. Take notes of how you are working along this plan and where you see that you need improvement, do it. Maybe this is to save more money or maybe to change the destination according to the money you can save. Whatever it is keep a record and keep notes.
  17. Do something crafty; try your skills out with something you have always wanted to try. You can get some ideas from my Facebook page D’s Ideal Gifts. You could make your own Spa Basket Gift!
  18. Go for a hike and be in nature for at least a day. Really appreciate nature and relax, take it all in.
  19. Start a journal and document simple daily routines and even your future plans for your debts or travel. You can basically document anything. Keeping a journal helps you stay on track with your goals and targets.
  20. Remember to breath. Be more relaxed and try to not stress out too much.


Now you have my list of things to do before the new year rolls in but just how many have you done this year and how many do you think you can do before the year ends?

Comment below what you have already done and what you aim to do?



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    • D

      You are welcome Briana! I do hope you do more on the list and hopefull we keep each other motivated!

      D, xo

    • D

      You are so welcome Heather! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will follow along on this list and tick off everything you accomplish over then next few weeks that are left on the 2018 calendar!

      D, xo

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