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declutter challenge 23 items in 2023

Every year I like to start with some sort of mini declutter challenge for myself. Last year I did my own 5 day declutter challenge. Well I did it twice in January and a few more times throughout the year.

The year before that I did a monthly chart declutter  for the whole of January. This year I thought about decluttering 23 items in January 2023.

Decluttering can be fun!

Decluttering can be fun and not so stressful when you make a plan and keep it manageable. This 23 items in one month is very easy to do since I have made a list and all I have to do is declutter the items from it. Now this can take me a few days or the whole month depending on the time I will make for it.

Symbolically speaking, 23 items for January 2023 comes from 2023. So, if I get rid of 23 items it will be a great start to the year for my declutter journey and I hope this helps you on your declutter journey this year. You could even go further and do 23 items each month for the whole year.

This will mean you need to get rid of 23 items every month and you’ll have the whole month to do it, so no pressure. If you do this approach then by the end of the year you will have gotten rid of 276 items from in your home. This may not sound like much but I promise you it will feel and you will see a lot of difference!

Download Checklist Now!

You can download the checklist and have it on your phone to do whenever you have time during this month! I know I have it on my phone already can’t wait to start ticking off the items on the list.

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So, let’s move onto our list for this declutter 23 items in January 2023:


  1. Cups, mugs and water bottles
  2. Plates, bowls and serving ware
  3. Appliance we don’t use or can’t be fixed
  4. Expired food in pantry
  5. Food going bad in the fridge


  1. Worn out towels
  2. Make up samples/ Cream samples/ any samples not use and won’t use
  3. Shaving cream and shaving products
  4. Shower Gel/Shampoo not used and won’t be used

Main Bedroom

  1. Hair ties/Hair accessories
  2. Perfume samples you never used
  3. Clothes that don’t fit or are worn out
  4. Shoes I don’t wear
  5. Bags that are worn out or never use

Laundry Room

  1. Plastic Bags/Paper bags
  2. Single socks still waiting for their pair
  3. Empty boxes/empty detergents or fabric softeners

Miscellaneous and Random

  1. Incoming junk mail physical and digital/paper clutter/notes
  2. Stationary/pens etc.
  3. Desktop
  4. Fridge magnets
  5. Gifts you got at Christmas but don’t want them
  6. Eye glasses/sunglasses 

That’s all 23 items on my list to go through. I hope you too can go through this with me, it will be fun if we do this together, don’t you think?

For those of you who want to continue in the next month more decluttering I highly recommend you do the 5 Day Declutter Challenge! Its easy to do, no mess, no fuss way to declutter!  Sign up here and start whenever you like!

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I also establish positive rules to be able to maintain the clutter free lifestyle you envision.

With my help we eliminate the stress and overwhelm of the process and at the same time you get to understand more about your own habits. This will eventually help you not fall back into those ways which had allowed you to accumulate clutter in the first place.

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