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Follow these 5 steps to decluttering and you will declutter your home without realizing it! Just a few simple steps (5 simple steps to be exact!) to simplify the process that is adapted to all of your home no matter the room!

During this time of year, we usually start our Spring cleaning, so why not do the spring cleaning but adapt it to decluttering too? Well if you follow these 5 simple steps you will be doing just that!

So turn on your radio or play your favourite music and let’s get started!

5 easy steps to declutter your entire home

Decluttering Steps:


Step one of the decluttering is actually not what you would think. It is to take everything out of the drawers, cupboards, boxes or whatever else you have in that room so that you can see everything you have. But when you start to take things out I want you to put them in groups of like items or if very small groups you may go further to group related items together.

Example is to put your pyjamas and underwear together.


This is my favourite step as I get to clean everything now that the drawers and shelves and everything is empty, and if you are like me I love to use Dettol as I feel it is the only thing that will kill all the germs.

Bring in the vacuum cleaner to make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies! Then use a duster or microfiber cloth to clean all surfaces. I like to use a microfiber cloth like this one and soak it in Dettol, diluted of course, and wipe all the surfaces down with that.

I also make sure that the windows in the room are open to get that fresh air into the room and then we go to the next step.



Purging is the next step and I can tell you from not this may be the hardest step of all! You need to get real with yourself here. First you should get rid of things that have expired which is the easiest thing to throw away. Then you should tackle the rest of your stuff by asking yourself a few simple questions like these:

  1. How long ago did I use this or wear this?
  2. Will I need it in the next 6 to 12 months?
  3. In case I need to re-buy this would it cost me a lot?
  4. If I kept it now and didn’t use it or wear it in the next 6 months would I then be willing to purge it?

Now if your answers are:

  1. Over a year ago
  2. No
  3. No
  4. Yes

Then get rid of it now!

Otherwise if your answers vary then I suggest you think about it and base it on your answers weather to keep it or purge it! I find myself the more I let go of the better I feel and the less clutter remains for me to continuously keep and maintain organized and clean.


Organization is key! This is where you organize what is left back into the closets, drawers, shelf’s or wherever you need it to be. Now I have this as a separate step as this is where you decide where to put everything. You do not need to put things back to the same places that they were before.

I have moved my underwear and pyjamas around so many times to finally figure out where they are best placed in my bedroom. This was also after really noticing my daily routines and I found that I needed to change the placement of these pieces to be more efficient in the morning when I had less time! So this just goes to show you that you should experiment and observe your placement of where to put your belongings in a room.

Once everything is back in its place you are done! Wait what? You said 5 steps, what happened to the fifth?

My 5th step is actually a curve-ball! Keep reading to see what it is!


Here is my bonus tip or bonus step(my curve ball!)! I want you to go back to every draw, shelf, cupboard, wardrobe and room. Open everything up and double check to see if you regret not getting rid of something else. If you find that you do, then take that item out!

Now if you are still uncertain of some items, then take them out anyway and with these items I want you to place them in a box. Don’t write anything on the box and make sure it is not a see through kinda box either. Place the items in there and if within 6 months you do not need something from in there then you get rid of the box as is! I like to write the date that I fill up the box so I know when to get rid of it!


Now I want you to pat yourself on the back and go celebrate for doing such a great job!

5 Simple steps are all you need to declutter any space in your home!

Do you have any questions? Pop them down in the comments or send us a message!

No questions but would like to chat? I am always here and love to chat with you!

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