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6 Tips To Refreshen Your Home Decor In The New Year

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So here we are in the new year and with a now bare looking home without the Christmas décor. So, what now? Well, I’ll tell you that this is the perfect time to refresh your home décor.

It’s time to refresh our home décor to match our new year vibes. Let’s make this home nice and cozy and inviting for the new year, the new season. A new year is all about a fresh new start, a fresh beginning and this is in all aspects of our lives, including our homes.

So, with the mindset of a new year and new fresh beginning I have rounded up 6 tips to help you refresh your home décor.

TIP #1

Greenery and Plants

The first and easiest tip of the 6 is to add greenery and wintery plants around your home. Now please don’t go adding the greenery like pine which we use in our Christmas décor. Try add in a beautiful eucalyptus or pretty white seasonal plants like snowdrops or even a fresh colourful bouquet from the farmers market or supermarket will be perfect.

TIP #2


Try to take this time to declutter your home and make more space, more breathing room for all your furniture and decorations. By clearing the clutter, you are actually allowing your home to feel brighter, airy and peaceful. You are also allowing your home décor take center stage. For more helpful tips on decluttering, you can read my 5 steps to decluttering or if you want to just dip your toes into decluttering try my ’30 things to get rid of today’.

TIP #3


Yes, organization after decluttering is the best. This is the time to organize everything. It doesn’t have to be Pinterest worthy or Instagramable but it does have to be functional and easy to upkeep. Start somewhere you feel is hard so that once it’s done you will be empowered and motivated to do the rest. Think simple ways to organize things and always allocate a specific place for everything so you know where it goes. If you want to take it a step further, place labels too.

TIP #4

Change out linen and fabrics

A new season calls for a quick change out of fabric and materials. Take the time to change your couch throw pillow cases out and put a new throw too. Preferably something with colour and warmth since it is still winter. Try to change your bedding colours too, add a different décor pillow and viola, new refreshed look. Turn your living room and bedrooms into cozy retreats, add a candle and a good book to read ad your done here.

TIP #5

Bring the spa feeling to your home

Make your bathroom inviting just like a day at the spa. Add a candle and greenery and make the room feel serene and relaxing. Don’t forget to change out the hand towels to something more wintery or try an accent colour based on what you have at home. While you’re in the bathroom some other ideas are to change out or switch out your laundry basket, any rugs you can change out and small details on the counter tops too. 

TIP #6

Let nature in

This might sound funny but by keeping your blinds and curtains up during daylight it will help with keeping your home closer to nature as you watch outside the trees, flowers and birds. Bring some twigs or greenery or flowers inside as mentioned in tip#1. You can also open up your windows for 10-15 minutes every now and then to allow for some clean fresh air to come in.

I hope these tips help you to refresh your home for this new year we have just entered. Use these tips to refresh your home for any season but I find tip#2 and tip#3 to be very appropriate for this season in life now.

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