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Trending Christmas decor for 2021 will be full of inspiration from our daily lives. These 8 trending decor ideas will help you decorate your home this festive season. Seeing as it’s already December, I know most of you have decorated your homes already but for those who haven’t then keep reading. Those who have decorated but want more inspo the keep reading too!

We all had a difficult 2020 and since then I feel we all want to create more joy and happiness in our lives. That is what Christmas evokes, right? Well Christmas brings us together showing us what truly matters; being with the ones we love and celebrating the birth of Christ

Our home decor and specific our Christmas decor this year will bring much joy, happiness and closeness. The trending decor this year is just that!


What are these trends you might say? Well, let’s get into them…


The style of Christmas decor in general will more homey and cosy. A nostalgic flair you might say. More baking cookies and cakes and full on decorating a tree or two and the whole house will be decked out. All those nostalgic decorations, the ones we had growing up, you know the ceramic ornaments and Santa’s and all the tinsel too! All this and more is trending this year!


Another trend this year is reusing or repurposing items around our home to decorate for Christmas. Since de-cluttering has been such a huge trend the past couple of years, this has also brought up the reuse, repurpose part in life now. Some ideas are using cookie cutters as part of your decor or adding non-traditional hanging ornaments on the tree (eg. a small stuffed elf)


The holiday classic is always a trend, the red and green colour scheme and of course the pine cones and all the decor elements from top to bottom in every house, inside and out. The poinsettias and candy canes always make for great decor. Try adding your candy canes to the tree, wreath or in a vase on your dining table.


Another trend is the Pampas grass which was also a huge trend this year for wedding decor. This also helps minimise costs as they can remain as Autumn and Winter decor too. This trend also give me boho vibes which is a trend that we have seen the past couple of years. You will find these Pampas grass in trees as decor, in vases, on the mantle and even on the dinner table setting. This trend seems to be staying for the next year too, but we shall see, wont we?!


A new trend is to have more than one tree and that they are different from each other. So you may have a small one and a big one or a thin and tall one and maybe a real one and a fake one. Maybe a white one and a traditional green one. More is more for this year. Make the whole house feel festive, put them up in the children’s rooms too! If you have a home office, add one in there too. Maybe its the year to experiment, so decorate one in a colour scheme and the other in a colourful way. What ever you choose, I know it will be great.


Wreaths that all everywhere too is also another trend this year. Ones that are all greenery and minimal, while others are traditional or glam. No matter your style, wreaths are definitely trending this year. Place them inside your house hanging at your living room windows or place them on your dining table. Make them the showstopper this year. Keep them in traditional colours or keep them bare with greenery and maybe a bow, this way you can reuse them for other seasons of the year too.


Lighting is key this year. The sparkling lights are going to be hung everywhere, inside and outside your homes. Many will have them on their coffee tables and in vases, on mantles and even at the base of their Christmas tree. Try something new this year and add lights to your decor, my favourite is adding a tray to my coffee table with Christmas ornaments like my snow globes and then place a strand of lights around them within the tray. Another idea is to place lights around your entrance door on the inside or around your framed art or a gallery wall.


Many will also have less ornaments on their trees to showcase more of the tree and lights rather than overdoing it with ornaments. Some may call is less is more! Having minimal decor will allow for more space to really appreciate those we spend the holidays with and being more present in the moment. Not only to mention there is less to clean up and less to maintain.

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