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About Me

Hello and welcome to Live Dream Create-D

I’m Dimitra, an Australian-Cypriot living on this majestic island called Cyprus! 

My dream is to travel the world and see what it has to offer. So when I moved to Cyprus I immediately thought…….Yesssss….my dreams will come true, I will see the world!


Apart from travelling, I do have other passions which you will soon get to know in depth! I love creating decor for my tiny apartment but also make my own gifts (checkout D’s Ideal Gifts on Facebook and Instagram). Love to listen to music and dancing, reading books, cooking and baking and so much more stuff!

Accounting is another passion of mine and I have my ACCA title after years of hard work and supporting myself through university. I have a full time job in accounting and finance and I love (emphasis on LOVE) organisation and order, although this is not always the way my life is! 😉 Sometimes life happens (insert laugh).


Married to my one true love, although he is supportive of what I do, he will however not be active in my blog since he is a more private person and doesn’t want to be all over the internet.  I respect his wishes and I am grateful for his help behind the scenes. I also have two adorable and crazy Husky dogs which I call my kids (Wolfy and Sasha).

What I hope to do with my blog is to be able to share and help you all in any way I can through my experiences and knowledge. Also to be able to share all me handmade products, gift ideas, home decor ideas and make it easier for you to buy from D’s Ideal Gifts as I try to expand my business. But more importantly I would also like to learn from all of you about and make new and lasting friends!

About D’s Ideal Gifts

D’s Ideal Gifts is the name I gave my craft business. This business consists of my handmade gifts, baskets and more!

At first it didn’t start off as a business but as a way of expressing myself through the gifts I made for my friends and family. On special occasions I would either bake a cake (a recipe that was new to them), or make them a unique, handcrafted gift or both! My friends and family loved the stuff I made (especially the Christmas decorations) and they started to pay me to make them some of the gifts I had made, so that they could gift them to their friends and family. That’s how I decided to launch my Facebook page, D’s Ideal Gifts!


D’s Ideal Gifts

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