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Affordable Home Decor Tips and Ideas


affordable home decor tips and ideas

Affordable Home Decor

Budget friendly decor is hard to come by, so I thought I would give you all a few ideas and tips on how to find or make affordable home decor.

When we say affordable and budget friendly we don’t mean cheap looking items! What we mean is gorgeous looking decor without the extreme price tag attached. All we need is to think outside the box and maybe also put some elbow grease into it.

Here are my tips and ideas…

Use what you already have at home

This could be decor you have had for a long time and want to change it up a bit or it could be something you have at home but really don’t like it or doesn’t match your aesthetic now. There are simple ways of dealing with these issues.

You could give it a coat of paint, add a few fake flowers or ribbon. Change the use of it entirely. If it is meant for the wall, try using it elsewhere that you can hang it. For instance if it was used in your bedroom, try using it in the living room.

Also another idea is that if you have a picture frame in a room but feel like you don’t want it there anymore, instead of putting it into storage, use it! Find a different use for it. Change out the photo and use art or a magazine clipping and hang it in your bathroom, kitchen, home office, entry way or living room. Maybe use it a a tray to keep a few items in a neat way on your dresser. Get creative!

Feel free to send in your questions and I can help you figure out how to change your item or give it a mini face lift!


























DIY a decor item

Some of you might find this intimidating, while others love to DIY. No matter the type you are just give it a try. You can make simple wall hangings or decorate a bowl with fake flowers and a candle. It can be as simple as that! You don’t need to have a whole room full of crafts supplies to do DIY decor at home nor do you have to have a ton of experience.

A few ideas are:

~Decorate a candle with some ribbon (like in my Easter crafts here) and place it in a small dish to compliment the colour of the ribbon or candle.

~Place a candle in a vase and fill the sides with coffee beans or other aromatic items like lavender. Now don’t forget to NOT light the candle with all these flammable items.

~Draw abstract shapes on a paper and paint them in the colours of your room and then frame it on the wall of that room or buy an affordable print like this one here.

Abstract Tones Art Board Print

~Installing peel and stick tile is another great option to change out your kitchen back splash or even your flooring in a small room like a kitchen or bathroom. No need for prior experience and it is an affordable alternative to getting your tiles redone.

~Use an old photo frame to make a to do list that wipes clean easily, like this one. So instead of having a white board you can have a mini frame board!

The list can go on and on with what you could DIY but I think I will leave it at this and if you need more tips specific to your room then pop me a message or email me at

Find a local store that has affordable products

Sometimes when shopping local you actually buy items cheaper than online. There are times when the online items costs more due to shipping expenses, so why not check out your local stores and see what they have that is similar to your more expensive option.

Hey, don’t forget to ask the manager or sales person if they have something similar to what you are looking for or if they expect something like that to come in. You’ll never know if they’ll bring something in like what you want if you don’t ask them! In this process of asking them, they may even bring it in just for you. Don’t forget to ask the price you’ll pay before they place the order.

My last tip is to go to a thrift store

You will be amazed at what you can find in the thrift store. Most of the time the items don’t even need fixing or changing. All they really need is a good clean.

However, if you do find something you like but it is the wrong colour or needs a bit of TLC, then don’t worry. You can fix it with some of my ideas in the DIY section of this article. For more tips and ideas you could always message me!

I want to help you further, so I’m giving you this free printable (below) for you to download it in the luxury of your own home and time. That way you can get started with decorating you home now and all it will cost you is a piece of paper and you printer! Hope you like it! 🙂




free printable

click here

I hope my post has inspired you to find some ways to decorate your home without spending too much money.

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Leave your comments below and let’s connect!

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  1. Amy

    I am definitely a DIY girl, and I love making home decor items. I love using printables in frames as you mentioned…it is one of the most inexpensive ways to get great decor, plus easy to change out for holidays! Thanks for sharing.

    • D

      Thank you for your lovely comments. I too agree with you about change out the framed decor during seasons and hope I have inspired you with more ideas.

      D, xo

  2. Leigh

    Printables in frames will be a nice addition to my grand-daughter’s art. Thanks.

    • D

      I am so glad you like the idea!

      D, xo



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