• Setting goals and not resolutions!

    New Year’s goals and not resolutions!

    Goals not Resolutions! Why I chose to set goals and not resolutions. So during the first couple of months of 2019 I decided to set goals instead of continuing my yearly New Year’s Resolutions. Why do you ask? It is simple. For the reason that every year we set New Year’s resolutions and by February or March we forget them (just like in 2019 here). So instead of having New Year’s resolutions I chose to set goals instead. Now I might add that it was difficult at first but that is because I needed to set out how to achieve these goals too. (Read my first attempt here) Not just…

  • 2 Years Blogging Anniversary!

    2 Year blogging anniversary!

    Happy 2nd Year Anniversary! It’s indeed my 2 year blogging anniversary! That’s right today 22nd Of October 2019 is my blogs 2 year anniversary! It has been 2 years already and I have grown and learnt so much from all of you and I hope you all have learnt a lot from me too. 2 Year blogging anniversary is such a big deal for me and I hope for all of you too. It’s time for a 2 year recap! Start of my Journey For those who want to see my journey from the start you can see my very first post here. It is all about my Husky kids! 2 Years…

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    SANTORINI – The Truths and Expectations!

    So we all think we know what to expect when visiting Santorini, but do we really? What are our expectations? Let’s talk more about the truth of what to expect while visiting Santorini. Santorini the most famous Greek Island of all but just how magical is this Island? Does it live up to the expectations of its reputation? Is the sunset really the most breathtaking? Is it just like the photos everyone posts with white building and blue domes? All these questions about the truths and expectations of Santorini will be answered in more detail if you just continue to read… Here I will talk about just that but much…

  • Cyprus sunsets


    Cyprus is the place to visit this summer! Cyprus, an island with clear blue beaches, gorgeous mountain tops, great night life and warm weather almost all year round, it just has so much to offer! Why should you visit Cyprus you say? Well if not for the above mentioned then I am sure I can find you many more reasons for you to visit this magical island I call home. This island has all the wonders of the Mediterranean culture and location, and has a holiday vibe all year round.  Even though Cyprus is one of the furthest countries in Europe it is truly magnificent. Once you get here you…



    Lately I keep hearing people talk about decluttering, minimalism, zero waste and KonMarie method.  All these topics got me thinking, I wanted to see what this was all about. So I did a bit of research on each topic and I ended up wanting to learn more about declutter and Marie Kondo’s method. It looked like it had a great impact on a lot of people and they all said it was easy to do. I saw videos upon videos upon videos on how to declutter and the steps to take. The video on how Marie Kondo uses her method to declutter was very interesting and although I do not…

  • Valentines Day Celebration ideas
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    Valentine’s Day Gifts, Gestures and Outing Ideas!

    Valentine’s Day is approaching and before you know it the shops and online stores will but full of gift ideas and much much more. While I personally love the idea of Valentine’s Day I am not really into the over the top commercial side of things! What I mean to say is that I love the idea of celebrating love and romance but I do not want to break the bank doing so. There are so many restaurants and shops that sell at a much higher price on that one day and that is ridiculous! Therefor I decided to write this post to give you all ideas to celebrate Valentine’s…


    The Best Beauty Products for 2019!

    The best Gift I received for Christmas! Christmas is the best time of the year. It’s the season of giving, of hope and peace. It fills our hearts with love and makes us feel happy and hopeful. A season of giving without the expectation of receiving! Christmas presents, in my family, stopped a long time ago. We just stopped giving gifts to one another and kept it simple by giving the younger kids gifts only. This year Well this year I decided I would buy myself a gift for Christmas and I had my heart set on a specific gift! I thought I would treat myself for once! So I…

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    Christmas Gift Guide for the Blogger

      CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE  Bloggers are constantly in need of props and tools to help them be more organised and to be more professional with their business. This gift guide will help you give your blogger friend something that will be useful and practical for their business. Christmas gifts are all about the thought and not the actual money you spend on that item so these gift suggestions I have below are all going to show that you have put thought into the gift you were buying for your friend. *Before you get into the list of gifts, I just wanted to point out that there are no affiliate links…

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    Gift Guide for the busy Woman!

    GIFT GUIDE FOR THE BUSY WOMAN AND MUM   As busy women we try to do more than we can on a daily basis. Most of the times the gifts we receive are not useful or practical for our busy schedules and therefor I decide to write up a gift guide that we need to help us with what is best to buy as gifts for us busy women. Whether we are stay at home mums, business women or just women trying to make ends meet we all need some more help in life. The following gifts are a mix of what we need, what we want and what we…

  • 20 Things to do before 2019

    20 Things to do before the end of the year!

    THE END OF THE YEAR IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!   As the weeks approach nearer and nearer to the end of the year we all start to think about what we achieved or did not achieve this past year. There are always things in life that we might not achieve in the time we set and so we need to work harder for or that we need to work for it over a longer period of time. The thing is to always keep trying and never give up!   ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again’   We all owe it to ourselves to try and…