• Tips on how to give a Husky a bath!

    How to Bathe a Husky!

    HOW TO GIVE A HUSKY A BATH     Okay, I know this topic sounds very straight forward, and your all probably saying to yourselves ‘I know how to give a dog a bath, what difference is there if it’s a Husky dog?’   Well, for starters some dogs need more attention than others and also some have sensitive skin while others do not. As for huskies, they are big dogs which shed a lot and have sensitive skin!   Taking into consideration the care needs of each dog breeds needs is what makes bathing them different. Those of you who have huskies know what I mean (wink).    …



    Siberian Husky: The positive and the negative   So many people ask me questions about my dogs and if they are well behaved or if they are good watchdogs and the questions just go on and on. All these questions are more related to their breed and not just the fact that I have 2 dogs so I thought I would write about the pros and cons of having a Siberian husky.   Siberian Huskies are a majestic breed with their gorgeous eyes and beautiful coat. They are known as sled dogs or working dogs. Also they are fast and can walk and run for long periods of time.  …

  • Homemade Dog Treats
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    Homemade Dog Treats   We all want our dogs to have an odd treat or two, buuuuut we also want them to have something that will be healthy! So homemade dog treats is what we are making today!   There are so many chemicals and preservatives in the ready bought treats that I prefer to make some at home for my dogs.  In some cases I do find treats at the pet store that are freeze dry which is a better option than most treats. You will never see me buying the tin cans unless prescribed by their doctor and I also try not to give them those bones that…

  • Female husky at the beach

    My Husky Dogs!

    Sasha digging in the sand having fun at the beach   A bit about me and my dogs, Sasha and Wolfy!   My relationships with my dogs (Sasha and Wolfy) are not like your typical relationship with all the cuddles and playing catch. I’m more of a not so hand on type of gal! I actually hate it when they slobber all over the floor and when their wet nose touches my skin. It grosses me out, and to think I grew up around all sorts of pets.   To be totally honest, after an incident with a dog chasing me when I was around 8 years old, I was…