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Decluttering your Christmas décor while you decorate is the perfect chance to declutter these items. You will declutter the holiday decor without the overwhelm of getting to it at some point in time. You already have brought them out to decorate so might as well declutter and decorate at the same time.

It’s the perfect opportunity, right?!


To make this process easier for you, you will need to get your donation box and a rubbish bag ready nearby. Once you have these then open box by box and go through the items. Whatever you love and keep, find its place or give it a place in your home for the holidays and place it in its place.

Anything you are unsure of place to the side for now. Then the only thing remaining are those that are rubbish and the ones you already know you are donating, getting rid of. Once you are done decorating, donating and throwing out the rubbish, go back to your maybe ones. This time you must pick it up and decide then and there what happens to it, donate or keep. If its ‘donate’, place into donation box. If it’s ‘keep’ find a place to style it. We need to handle each item once and choose where it goes. This will help you make the decisions and stick to them. We already hit a pause on them the first time we came across them so this time we need a decision. No maybe items go back in storage for sure.


  1. Take out all Christmas décor
  2. Have a Donation box and rubbish bags read
  3. As you take out items you need to put them in their place in your home to decorate for Christmas or to put in the Donation box or Rubbish bags. In some cases, you can make a maybe pile to come back to it later when we are done with all items.
  4. Continue to do this with all items
  5. Once done, go back to your maybe pile if you have one and take one item at a time. You need to handle each item once and you need to have a final decision on where it will go.
  6. Don’t store anything back in the bins. Everything should be either styled in your home, donated or in the rubbish bin.

As you can see with this method, we are sure to declutter and only keep what we will style our homes with. We don’t need any extras that’s for sure and especially no need to store items for the same of storing them.

My Process

I use this process for all my holiday decoration as this helps me stay on top of them but also to make sure I am not store items just to store them. I don’t want to use my space for just storing items. My space is valuable and so is yours, we need to also keep in mind that these things tend to need someone to maintain these even when they are in storage.

Using this method to declutter allows you to declutter without the stress or pressure of decluttering your entire home. A mini kind of project to do while decorating. If you are like me and have Christmas music on while decorating then you won’t even notice you are decluttering as you’ll be having fun decorating too!

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