Christmas Gift Guide for the Blogger


Christmas gift guide for your blogger friend



Bloggers are constantly in need of props and tools to help them be more organised and to be more professional with their business. This gift guide will help you give your blogger friend something that will be useful and practical for their business. Christmas gifts are all about the thought and not the actual money you spend on that item so these gift suggestions I have below are all going to show that you have put thought into the gift you were buying for your friend.


*Before you get into the list of gifts, I just wanted to point out that there are no affiliate links in this post and my referrals are based on what I have seen, used, liked or want myself. So it is based on my opinions and not sponsored in any way.


1.Cinema Light Box or a Letter Board

Now this is on the top of my list as I do not yet have one but it is so very useful when taking photos for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the blog. You can say so much with this Cinema light box without even needing to be in the photo yourself. A creative outlet to a more personalised approach through this light box in your photos is just what every blogger needs, no matter their niche! Letter boards are also a nice gift if you find that the cinema light box might be more expensive. Both are useful and something I would definitely want! 


2.Blog Planner

Yet another on my list of to buy for myself. At the moment I am using a basic diary but it is not very helpful for scheduling tasks for the blog and life so I am looking into buying a blog planner. There are many free printable ones but also some gorgeous binder ones that are not that costly and I might just buy one for myself this Christmas. I would suggest a beautiful planner like the ones I found here on this wonderful gal’s site. She recommends a few and I know you will find what you are looking for here. I find that the printable ones do not have the pretty details or are not as helpful.  This is the best gift for anyone who wants to get more organised and become more efficient and productive.


3.Photography Lessons or Blogger Seminars

A voucher for a seminar or lessons that will improve their skill in relation to their blog. I know I need lessons in photography and so I have enrolled in basic photography lessons. This may be a voucher to a weekend seminar or a book with tutorials whatever you find it will be helpful since bloggers are constantly learning new things every day.


4.Camera or camera Gear

A camera may be an expensive gift for a friend but if it is your wife (* hint hint hubby!) then you should be good to go! However you could find these on sale or even get some accessories or gear for their camera. A few suggestions are to get them a bag, lens, harness, tripod or a mini tripod.


5.Faux Fur Rug

Rugs are always used in blog photography but they also double up as your home decor too. Last year I bought a white faux fur rug but this year I am thinking of getting a grey one if I find one. It doesn’t have to be too expensive just a pretty one that they can also use as a throw on their couch or their desk chair!


6.Cute Mug

You can never have too many mugs! Hey, I have a whole collection of non-matching mugs and I just love it. You could get one that has a catchy phrase to that they can also use it in their blog or social media accounts. A few ideas of mugs that I found on ETSY are…

This one that writes ‘Blogger Life’

Or these ones with initials on them.

Also these Christmas mugs. Mug 1, Mug 2, Mug 3.




7.Desk Organisers (photo worthy)

Desk organisers with gold finishing or maybe pink accents are great for photos and keep you organised. If you know the colour palate of your blogger friends desk or blog then buy them a new desk organiser set to match or compliment their colour palate.

My favourites are these :






8.Christmas twinkle lights – for photos and videos

This is also on my list of to buy as last year I found they made my product photos all that better and it would definitely come in handy all year round not just during Christmas.


9.Portable charger

As a travel blogger and also a busy woman I always have my power bank on me as I usually find myself with a phone on low battery just when I need to take a beautify photo for my blog or Instagram and also right when I need to make a call. This portable charge has saved the day many times! Trust me if your blogger friend doesn’t have a power bank yet, get them one! They will thank you over and over as it is a must for all bloggers!


10.Small Props

Some small props that can be used in photo shoots and also videos. Some ideas are Candles, Books, Frames, Mirrors, trinket dishes and even jewellery, scarfs and hats. Depending on the blogger and what they write about you can find something from my examples to gift them. Personally I believe you can’t go wrong with candles and maybe trinket bowls or plates.










Hope these ideas help you with buying in the most perfect gift for your blogger friends!


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  1. Albany

    I’m pretty good on coffee mugs because I collect them! But I would love to progress in my photography by having the right kind of gear like a camera and a light box. Definitely wanna light box for sure. I should ask for that for Christmas! Awesome blogger gift guide!

    • D

      Thank you so much for stopping by and I love your suggestion of the light box for photography! That will help with taking photos of products that you might want to sell!

      D, xo


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