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Clutter is in most households and even workspaces. You are not alone, I am not alone, no one is alone in this. We have all been there at some point in life. The thing is, we need to see clutter for what it is!

Clutter is stuff in our home that we are not using and is actually taking up space. This space could be cleared off to allow us to breathe a little or it could be better utilised.

Clutter can be anything from documents, rubbish, boxes, clothes, shoes, bags and even furniture. You should also know that clutter is not only physical but it is also digital and our thoughts can be cluttered too.

We need to change our thinking and way of seeing clutter in order to help us get rid of it.

Ways we see clutter

1 – Valuable Real Estate

You need to see your clutter as stuff taking up valuable real estate inside your home. You could better utilise your space without the clutter, you could also just leave the space bare so as to leave the home feel airier and lighter. It also helps when it’s time to clean since you have less to clean too.

2 – Inventory

Another way of seeing clutter is like inventory. I came upon this term from The Minimal Mom. She tells us it’s like inventory that you need to manage and I so agree with this. If everything in your home is inventory that you need to maintain then why would you want to have to maintain things that you never use and might never use?

I know I wouldn’t. So, seeing it as inventory make you see that you don’t really need all that inventory. That all that inventory needs time and sometimes money in order to clean it, organise it, deal with it and in general maintain it in your home.

3 – Homeless Clutter

Homeless clutter is another way to see clutter. This is the clutter that you actually use but you don’t have a home for it. If it is something you use often and need it then ideally you should find it a home where you can store it when not in use.

4 -Mental Health

What if you see it as mental health? Your clutter is often causing your metal health issues like stress and anxiety. You feel this way because you feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have, by the fact that you can’t stay on top of things or just because you can’t maintain it all.

So, by looking at it this way you start to realise that you need to get rid of stuff in order to become less stressed and calmer in your own home. Your home should be a place where you can relax and enjoy time with your loved ones. Not a place to go to get stressed.

5 – Visual Clutter

Lastly, I want to tell you about visual clutter. If you see your clutter as visual clutter you will realised that some items need a better home while others just need to go! If you want and need to see clear spaces then having a place for all your items is a must.

This means you will actually really see what you need and what you want are two different things. You start with your needs and make sure they have a home and then the stuff you want will only be kept if you have space to give it a home.

The more clutter you have that you see the more you notice that something needs to be done. Just looking at all of the stuff will make you want to get rid of it if you are a person who doesn’t like visual clutter and disorganised spaces.

The more you start seeing your clutter as something else rather than money spent on that item or that you will need it one day, the better it is for you. Some will say that they buy stuff randomly to cheer themselves up or the shop when they are depressed.

Others grew up with not a lot and so know they buy whatever they want because they can.

No matter how you see it, once you start looking at your stuff as things you need to manage, maintain, inventory and just stressful in general, you will want to get rid of it!

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dimitra georgiou

Hi there! I’m Dimitra!

I love coffee, travelling, daydreaming, organising, dancing and crafting.

I help you get rid of the clutter in your home, establish new easy organising systems which you and your family can keep on top of so as to never have clutter again.

I also establish positive rules to be able to maintain the clutter free lifestyle you envision.

With my help we eliminate the stress and overwhelm of the process and at the same time you get to understand more about your own habits. This will eventually help you not fall back into those ways which had allowed you to accumulate clutter in the first place.

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Free 5-Day Declutter Mini-Challenge

Space means more free time, this means more time spent with our families and doing things we love. Not spending the whole time trying to get our home clean and under control.



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