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Colour of the year 2021!


Happy New Year everyone! Let’s talk about the new trends on paint colours and how to use paint to decorate your home.

Paint colours have a great impact on your home interior and home décor. Let’s see this year’s paint colour of the top three paint companies we have in Cyprus and also how you can incorporate these into your home!

The trending paint colours for 2021 are:

PAINT COLOUR OF THE YEAR: Urbane Bronze (SW 7048)

This colour is a shade of grey with a hue that gives off warmth and tranquility.  This colour is characterized by the company as grounded, meditative and serene.

Some go for the dark greys while others go for the light greys. Whichever you choose you will know that it is a 2021 colour choice for sure. A suggestion is to go light in spaces with less natural light and for those places with ample natural light go dark!

More rrecommended shades in this tone are:

Oxford grey 2128-40 is a lighter grey, but if you want a darker grey then you may like by Sherwin-Williams

Peppercorn by Sherwin-Williams

Scoot by Benjamin Moore.

Modern Grey (SW 7632) by Sherwin-Williams

Messenger Bag (SW 7740) by Sherwin-Williams


PAINT COLOUR OF THE YEAR: Aegean Teal 2136-40

This Aegean teal is the colour choice of this years Benjamin Moore collection. A blueish greenish grey colour is this trending colour of the year. With this colour you can go bold in design and paint all your walls one solid colour, or go a safer route and paint just an accent wall. This colour would also look good on walls with molding and with furniture that contrasts well with the unique shade of blue.

More recommended shades in this tone are:

Whispering Spring (LRV 79.37) by Benjamin Moore

Colorado Grey (LRV 44.4) by Benjamin Moore


PAINT COLOUR OF THE YEAR: Brave Ground 10YY 30/106 COTY21

This warm neutral colour makes for a calm and serene feeling when you look at it on any wall of your home.  A neutral beige and as said by Dulux a reassuring colour for your home this year.


More recommended shades in this tone are:

Presses Putty 90YR 48/062 by Dulux

Knotted Twine 30YY 56/060 by Dulux

Blanket Box 50YR 10/151 by Dulux

Now for some tips on ways to using paint to decorate our home:

Paint an accent wall with one solid colour

Having all walls painted in on colour

You could also have an accent wall with a painted pattern

Paint all walls with a pattern

Paint a geometric shape or abstract shape for visual interest

Paint the lower part of the wall a single colour

If you have wall molding, then painting over them may give it a fresh new vibe. Even painting the lower part of the wall including the wall molding will give it a new look too.

Use sticky tape to tape off abstract lines or any shapes and lines and paint over them. When you remove the tape, you will be left with the white lines from under the tape.

Use a comb, brush, old rag or even a sponge to give your wall some texture when painting. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a few things to get the texture you are looking for.

You can also take these tips and adapt them to painting furniture items too. So, let’s get creative and change our home decor on a budget.

Are you looking for more ideas to decorate your walls? Then you might also like to read this article where I also give you a free digital downloadable print to hang on your wall!

Paint stripes on the wall to make you feel as though your home has more height.

Paint an arc or a triangle in front of your desk if it is facing the wall, so to give it some character and visual interest.

Paint the back of a door or kitchen cabinets to give a bit of a quirky oomph to it.

dimitra georgiou home decor specialist

Hi there! I’m D and I love coffee, travelling, daydreaming, organising, dancing, crafting and basically sharing with everyone I know,  everything I know!

I created ‘Live Dream Create – D’ to share my passions with all of you!

So welcome to my everything, right here!


  1. Audrey

    I loved these colors! I like the teal a lot too. Glad to hear what is trending.

    • Dimitra Georgiou

      I know right, lovely colours for 2021! Who knew! Glad you loved the article and hope I’ve inspired you in some way with these colours.

      D, xo


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