My most frequently asked questions…


You said you live in Cyprus but where exactly is Cyprus located?

Cyprus an island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is actually the third largest island in the Mediterranean. 


Why did you move from Australia to Cyprus?

My parents, siblings and I all moved back to my parents’ home country for the better lifestyle it offers for raising a family. It was, and still is a very safe country to raise your children. The pace of life here is not so hectic as in Australia and the climate here is mostly sunny throughout the year!


Do you have any children?

No I do not, but I do have two husky dog kids that are a handful. 


Do you have a day job?

Yes I do. I work in the accounts department of a company here in Cyprus. I love working and wouldn’t stop unless I found something that would be more fulfilling than my current job.


Who takes your photos?

I usually take all my photos, that’s why I have many selfies, otherwise my husband or whoever is with me usually takes them. Also in some cases I get anyone who is passing by to take my photo. 


What camera do you use?

I actually do not have a camera but I use my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.