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Gift Guide for the busy Woman!




As busy women we try to do more than we can on a daily basis. Most of the times the gifts we receive are not useful or practical for our busy schedules and therefor I decide to write up a gift guide that we need to help us with what is best to buy as gifts for us busy women. Whether we are stay at home mums, business women or just women trying to make ends meet we all need some more help in life. The following gifts are a mix of what we need, what we want and what we didn’t know we needed.


What we need!


We need a few tools to help us out with our daily routine to get some things done either quicker or to streamline some tasks. We also need to remember to take small breaks and some relaxation time in order to reboot ourselves! Recharging your batteries in order to be able to continue on is sometimes not feasible but we all need to make it a priority!


What we want!


This is very different for every woman and can be very objective. Some may say they want a woman to come into their house and organise it from top to bottom. Others might want to bring in a company once a month for a deep clean so that they can devote their time elsewhere with their tasks. Business women on the other hand may need an assistant to help them with work tasks. Whatever our ‘need’ is it is definitely different for each one of us.


What we don’t know we need!


This is my topic for some much needed relaxation and catching up with friends. We need to get out of our routine and change atmosphere to get away from things and see them with a fresh eye. This may also mean a weekend getaway or even a day out with friends or family. We usually believe that we do not need this right now as we ‘still have so much to do’. Well you and I are wrong! We need a break!


christmas gift guide


Gift Guide


  • Household Planner: This is a planner for everyone in the house and can hold everyone’s appointments, birthdays, special events and notes. You can have you meal plans, shopping list and anything else you like. A planner is useful, practical and keeps you organised and efficient. Your friend will love this gift and will be so thankful to you for introducing her to this way of organisation.


  • Bread maker: This is one that we don’t know we need but need. It makes your life so easy. You will never have to worry about running out of bread. Another great thing abount making your own bread is that your family is eating healthy bread. Bread that you know what is in it! All you do is put all the ingredients in and set it to the desired program and pouf….you have bread! No need for needing the dough and waiting for it to rise to put in the oven. This is one task that is made simple!


  • Voucher for a spa day: Pamper yourself or your friend with this gift. Some much needed rest and relaxation. Sometimes we think it is not worth the money or it’s too expensive. So when a friend or family member gives this to us as a gift we take the opportunity to use the voucher and relax. This definitely under my classification of what we don’t know we need!


  • Gold stationary set: This is perfect for the office or even home office. A nice touch of elegance and practicality for the entrepreneur and business woman.


  • A photo frame: This is a nice personal touch for the busy woman to have her loved ones close to her. A photo of her family or her children would be an extra nice touch to place it into the frame. That is if you have one or can get one!


  • Thermo mix: This is apparently a must have for everyone. It is supposed to make your life easier when cooking since you just add everything to the bowl and the rest is done by the Thermo mix. This is indeed a costly for one person! An ideas is to pitch in with a couple of friends or family to make it affordable. I myself don’t have this but everyone keeps telling me I need one as it is a lifesaver! No need to be hovering over the stove as it does it all for you.


  • A perfume set: This is a difficult gift if you do not know what they like but if you stick to subtle scents and maybe get a return card they can then change the gift for something else they do like.


  • A voucher for a seminar: If they are bloggers or professionals in a specific area of expertise then you could give them a voucher to attend a seminar. If they do not offer vouchers, don’t worry, buy them a card! Within the card add the money you intended on spending for their gift. Also include a flyer or the enrolment form inside. This way they can proceed with the form themselves or just use the money they way they need to.


Gift guide fo rthe busy woman


This list was designed to help you with some ideas for gifts to either make the busy woman’s life easier or to allow her to relax and feel good! I hope this will help you while shopping. If anyone has any other ideas please share with us in the comments below.



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