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Home Interior Trens of 2021

Home décor and interior trends change throughout the years, this is why experts are saying that they feel 2021 will have many changes. Due to our lives changing with the whole pandemic, people are turning to their home décor and interior of their homes. We all spend so much more time at home, some even still work from home, therefore we need our home to function and express us in such a way it didn’t before.

Insider has interviewed Interior designers and experts about the new trends emerging and the ones they feel will go. You can read the full article here or continue reading to see an overview of what I read in the article.


A few of the trends the interior designers feel will go out of style this year and what will replace it are:

  1. Shiplap will no longer be in and wallpaper will be in
  2. Grey interior kitchens will slowly fade. So, the all-grey kitchen will not be a trend but they believe other bold colours like navy blue, indigo blue may take its place.
  3. Also, experts believe that the all-white interiors will start to date themselves. Personally, I think all white can never be dated, but hey I’m no expert! The interior designer actually goes deeper and says that the minimalistic approach to décor may also come to an end.
  4. Mid-century modern seems to also be going out of trend
  5. Just as Barn doors may be too. The experts suggest other types of statement entryways will come in 2021.
  6. Accent walls will not be out but they won’t be as trendy inn 2021. I personally feel the accent walls will always be a trend, just the way it is presented will change. So, in some years it will be wallpaper, while in others it will be paint. Even molding and wainscoting will be found on accent wall. But hey, don’t take this literally, this is just my personal opinion.
  7. Matching furniture sets will be out as they may give an outdated look.
  8. Wow, this one was shocking for me. Experts think that the ‘’grandmillennial’’ or ‘’granny chic’’ style could become more popular in 2021. I really hope not as I was never a fan of this style. I have yet to see a place with this style that I have even remotely liked. Again though, I’m no expert but I would prefer the midcentury modern and minimalism styles any day!
  9. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is most likely a new trend for 2021. I also personally believe the peel-and-stick tiles will be a trend for 2021. We see more and more people renting places that allow minor updates like the peel-and-stick tiles and wallpapers. These allow people affordable options to decorate their home to express their own style.
  10. Rustic is out for kitchen tiles and colourful, handcrafted tiles are going to be in.
  11. Green kitchen cabinets are making their way as a trend in 2021. Personally, I love the sage green kitchen Alexandra Gater has in her studio kitchen. See it here or watch her makeover here.


mid-century modern or minimalism
mixing metal and wood

The article in Insider has more details and more new trends in 2021 that you could read here.

However, I feel like home décor and interior design should not be based on just trends. It should be based on your own style and way of life. Your style may change throughout the phases of your life and that is ok too. I started off in my 20’s with a style of whatever was in trend back then. Bold colours and a lot of small home décor items and trinkets.  

Now a days, I am more minimalist with a bit of boho elements and a mix of simple lines and my colours are more neutral. So, as you can see it is more of a functional place with a few elements of décor that express me. I try to keep it simple so to be able to keep up with it.

As for 2021 trends, some I like and some I think shouldn’t trend out, but this is not entirely up to the experts, it is actually up to the people. You and me, we make our trends, based on what we want. So what is it that you want for your home interior? What is your style?


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  1. Audrey

    I have a friend who did the peel and stick wall paper and it is so cool!

    • Dimitra Georgiou

      I think it is not only cool but a great solution if you are renting or if you are not sure if you’ll want it for years to come. As easy as it goes on it can easily come off too 😉

      D, xo

  2. Sarah B.

    White interiors and mid-century are still “in” in my household! Maybe they won’t be cool to everyone else anymore, but I can’t see myself not liking them. I totally agree with you about accent walls, and I think peel and stick wallpaper’s popularity is evidence of that – it’s the new way to do an accent wall.

    • Dimitra Georgiou

      Yes indeed, the quick and easy way to do accent walls will be the way forward. But I also agree with you on interior styles, it doesn’t mean that because it is not in trend it should not be your style. If that is what you like and what expresses you then that is your style. No need to follow trends.

      D, xo

  3. MyWorldTheirWay

    I like that you mentioned that home décor should not be based on trends but on your own style and way of life. You should be comfortable and happy in the way you style your house.

    • Dimitra Georgiou

      Yes I truly believe this. We go through phases of our lives and this shows in our home decor too. It should make us love being at home and not stressed out.

      D, xo


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