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How to Bathe a Husky!





Okay, I know this topic sounds very straight forward, and your all probably saying to yourselves ‘I know how to give a dog a bath, what difference is there if it’s a Husky dog?’


Well, for starters some dogs need more attention than others and also some have sensitive skin while others do not. As for huskies, they are big dogs which shed a lot and have sensitive skin!


Taking into consideration the care needs of each dog breeds needs is what makes bathing them different. Those of you who have huskies know what I mean (wink).






Huskies have a dense double coat that keeps them cool in the summer and warm in the winter so you should never ever ever shave or cut their coats. This is why they also need a lot more maintenance in keeping their coat clean and shiny than other dogs may need.


This too is why you should give your husky a thorough brushing once a week in order to maintain that beautiful shiny coat of theirs. Using an under-coat shedding rake comb will help with getting rid of that undercoat when shedding. There are so many types of brushes and combs out there but I strongly suggest you buy a simple wide-toothed comb and an undercoat shedding rake to start with.


If you like you can buy a full set of grooming tools like this here or a water spreyer like this one here.



Now the most important tip anyone has ever told me is actually for ALL dog breeds. So the tip is that you should never apply the shampoo directly onto the dog’s hair or skin. You should dilute it in water and then apply this diluted solution onto your dog and massage it in! It is to make sure that you do not dry out or cause any allergies to your dog.



Before giving your Husky a bath, make sure to have all your supplies near you. You do not want to leave your wet husky alone to go off looking for something you forgot to get or need! Collect it all and prepare your area where you are going to give your Husky their bath.


Ideally you should warm up your water before you start as no one wants to have a cold shower. Unless your dogs are like mine and actually want cold water in the summer to cool down then I suggest you have warm water in your tub for your furry friends/kids.


If your husky does not like bath time, make sure to have a collar and leash with you to tie him/her somewhere so as to keep them close to you while bathing them. This will also prevent them from bolting in all directions, shaking off the excess water and shampoo!





Huskies have a dens coat of fur, as I already mentioned, which doesn’t help when giving them a bath. However it does help get rid of a lot of the undercoat when they are shedding. When you are massaging the diluted shampoo onto your husky you will notice all that undercoat fur is coming off really easy.


If you try to comb your dog while giving them their bath it is even better. Unfortunately my dogs, both Sasha and Wolfy (read more on Sasha and Wolfy here), do not like to be combed while they are being bathed. Actually come to think of it, they don’t like to be combed period. But in any case we usually comb them after their bath.


We always massage their coat twice with the solution and if they are really dirty maybe a third too! During the summer months we absolutely do not have any problems with them. They sit back and enjoy their bath. They love bath time as it is so hot here it really cools them down.


Here in Cyprus our weather can get really humid, stuffy and not to mentions again HOT (read more about Cyprus here). Today as I am writing this we currently have 40◦c. Sasha and Wolfy would be eager to jump into a pool if we had one (hahaha).



Just make sure you do not overdo it with the shampoo as it will be very hard to rinse out of that thick fur!


Once you massage the solution in and you are certain that it has gone through to the skin then you rinse and repeat. I also like to make sure that the solution really does not remain on the skin or fur so I rinse them really well. If any shampoo is still left on the skin it may cause the dog allergies or scratching or anything else. So make sure to clean the shampoo off really well!




Once you have rinsed your dog well make sure to dry your wet husky with a towel or two! After you have dried them well  get your comb and brush their coat. This will help to get rid of the undercoat that is already shedding and also shine their coat.




You should not bathe your Husky too often. Once a month is the most recommended. Since if you bathe them too often you will dry out their skin and coat which will cause other problems.


Some of these problems are itching and scratching causing red spots and also you are stripping away the natural oils. Which Huskies do not have much of like other breeds. The skin has natural oils which help maintain healthy skin and fur.


Giving a Husky a bath is no easy task! See my tips here and make your life simpler.




  • You should start from a very early age in touching your huskies paws and brushing their coat as to get them accustomed to the feel. Also to get accustomed to all these tools that you will be using later on, and you handling them in these grooming manners.


  • Most dogs do not like you holding or touching their paws. So if you start from when they are pups you will not have any problems later on when grooming or when you bathe them.


  • You should not forget to wash under the tail, their belly and of course their paws. These areas are usually the dirtiest and need extra scrubbing!


  • Brushing the undercoat before you bathe them also helps when you actually bathe them. This is because there is less loose hair to stick to your hands and more water can get through to the skin.


Using these tips will make your bath time with your Husky easy and fun.


I hope I have helped all you first time fur mums with a bath time routine. If you like more information, please comment below or send me a message. As for you more experienced dog parents maybe you have some tips for us too!


Comment below with your tips on giving a Husky a bath!


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  1. Brittany

    I adore huskies but I always thought bathing them would be a nightmare. But you make it seem easy! Great tips 😊

    • D

      You should have seen my reaction the first time I tried to bathe my Huskies! I was so overwhelmed and no one had given me any tips so all this was from trial and error! I am so glad that my dogs actually like bath time, well at least in the summer! No comment for winter months! Hope this is helpful for any future bathtime of any future Husky or dog you may get!

      D, xo

  2. April

    Great tips for dogs’ bath! I think bathing our golden doodle is challenging, I can only imagine a husky. Thanks for the good tips!

    • D

      Thank you April for stopping by and you are welcome for the tips. I hope you have better luck with my tips in place for your dogs next bath time. If it is an issue of getting your dog to cooperate, try to give a treat or 2 as a so called bait to take the dog into the bath tub or wherever your going to give the bath. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

      D, xo

  3. Melissa

    I have a lab husky mix and you aren’t kidding about the sensitive skin and bathing fun! 🙂 Our boy makes it easier because he adores the attention and water but getting the soap completely out is still a nightmare. Your pups are beautiful!

    • D

      Thank you Melissa! I hope that by diluting the shampoo in water helps you with the skin sensitiveness and the rinsing out the shampoo too! Please let me know how you get along with my tips.

      D, xo

  4. Hannah

    Thanks for these tips. Bathing my husky is a real nightmare to me. I can never do it alone. Definitely try out your tips!

    • D

      Hannah, it is a nightmare when doing it alone! If you nail down a great routine you will do great! My hubby and I usually help each other out as there are 2 Huskies to bathe! Otherwise we each tackle one of them! 😉

      D, xo

  5. ShootingStarsMag

    Great tips! I have an Alaskan husky and she hates being bathed!! We definitely have to use a leash for her. However, she does like being brushed afterwards.


    • D

      Well at least she loves being brushed! Mine female HATES it! I can’t seem to get her to cooperate for longer than 2 mins. If you have any tips of your own please share with us!

      D, xo

  6. Bailey

    This is really helpful! I struggle to bathe my golden retriever. Definitely checking out some of these products. Such great tips!

    • D

      Thanks Bailey! I hope you have better luck with the next bath time of your golden retriever. Let me know how it goes.

      D, xo

  7. Jasmine Hewitt

    we’ve always wanted a husky, but living in the south, I worry about them being hot!

    • D

      It is harder for them in this scorching heat, I mean if we have the aircon on they are definately there right where the cool air is flowing! They do however adapt and if you get one that has been born in the south and from parents born in the south it does help. Thank you for stopping by and I hope I have helped you out a bit!

      D, xo

  8. Veronika

    I had no idea you can bathe a husky as infrequently as once a month. Great tips in this post. <3

    • D

      Your welcome Veronika on the tip! Yes, if you bathe them more frequent you tend to mess with the natural oils and other natural ph and stuff like that. If however they get all dirty then by all means give them a bath but try not too frequent. Like my dogs, they are in the apartment all day, they only go out twice or three times a day for a walk/jog. They dont tend to get very dirty so once a month is more than enoough for them.

      D, xo


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