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The best part of summer is the end of summer beach parties. The sand between your toes, the salty breeze while you’re relaxing on the beach taking it all in; that is the best feeling ever!


The wonderful sunshine and the warm summer nights make for a memorable beach party. Hosting a beach party can be very stressful so I would like to help you and give you a few pointers on how to host a beach party.


Before I get into the pointers you should know that there are two types of beach parties for me. One is an all-out, full on beach party and the second one is a more quiet and relaxed party.







The all-out beach party is a lot harder to prepare for and to clean up after too! This is the one where you take all your food with you and cook it there at the beach.


This means more containers for raw food, more equipment to take (to cook the food) and definitely more cleaning up afterwards. Don’t get me wrong, this beach party is fun too and can be planned ahead of time to be more easy and stress-free.


It is a good idea as a host to ask for help. You could get people to pitch in and bring something along for the party. This will be helpful as you will not be lugging everything to and from the beach. You could ask them to bring things like a chair for each person in their family or even to bring ice or drinks.




This is my favourite type of beach party; a stress free party which is easy to setup and easy to clean up afterwards.


So no cooking at the beach and no lugging around tables and chairs with this beach party. We usually go to a beach that has sunbeds out and therefor no need for chairs and tables.


Also taking pre-cooked food like homemade nuggets or Cypriot meat balls (finger food) and a cooler with ice and drinks is all you really need. This is why I love this sort of beach party.


But let’s get into HOW to host a beach party.


What you need to know….








Three to four weeks before the actual party you should follow these steps.


1. Think about who you will invite and how you will invite them. Are you going to make invitations and send them out? Are you going to keep it small and intimate and just call up a few friends?


Then write down a list of names of those you will invite and put it to the side.


2.Decide on the type of beach party you will have. An all-out or simple and relaxed party. Your decision here will also determine the location. Which beach to host the party?


3.Location is important. If you will be cooking your own food then you much check to see which beaches allow for this under law. If you will be taking food that is already cooked then this is no issue for any beach. Have also in mind that in some beaches there is a law that doesn’t permit any type of beach parties, so make sure you do not break any laws. Also try to choose a beach that has enough parking for all your guests and is relatively near to your party. You don’t want to be lugging all your stuff too far!


4.Decide on the food and drinks you will take with you. I always write a list of what I want to take and if I am asking for help, I will write next to the food or drink the person who I will ask to bring it.


Also write a note beside each item on your list in regards to the amount/quantity of food/drinks you will need based on your list in number 1.


5.Equipment and tools. Make sure to write a list of all your gadgets, equipment and tools you will need. This is to make sure you have these on hand and to get them ready for the party.


If you do not have them then you will need to wither buy them or borrow from someone. For example if you only have one cooler and based on the number of guests you will have you will need let’s say 2 coolers, then you will need to borrow one or buy 1 more. So on your list, write next to each item a note whether you have it, you will buy it or you will borrow and from whom you will borrow it.


6.This is the fun part. Here you can decide on any decorations you may want to take and dress up the area along the beach to separate your beach party from any others around too.


You may want to take twinkle lights or tiki torches. Maybe even those round beach towels that are in fashion right now. Whatever you would like to take make sure to make a list or note it down.


Beach vibes


More beach vibes


Beach views




Two weeks to one week before the beach party make sure to follow these steps…


7. Invite your guests (inform them of date, time and location) and if you will be asking for help do it at this point.


Also tell them how they will be able to find you amongst all the other parties that might be there. You could put a flag, or lights, or even give them a diagram so as to find you easier. Keep a record of who is coming and who is not. This is to amend your notes on the quantity of food and drinks you will need.


Let them know of the style of party you are hosting, the time and place and don’t forget to tell them how excited you are that they will be attending.


8. Get all your equipment and tool you need all in one area and make sure they are all clean and are in working condition.


Wash your coolers inside and out. Check if the torches and flash lights are working. Find your barbeque or portable pit or your Cypriot Barbeque. Clean it and make sure it is working.


If you are taking tables and chairs make sure they are clean too. Gather all utensils and Tupperware, plate, cups everything you plan on taking with you.



Snacks and towels






On the day of the beach party make sure you follow these steps…


9. Prepare your car with all your stuff and make sure to be at the beach at least an hour before your guests arrive, so as to set the place up. Have a checklist in place to make sure you have not left anything behind. (Please check your check list before you leave the house)


Before you leave the house make a call to those who will be coming earlier to help you out. Tell them you are leaving the house and heading over to the location of choice. Remind them what they need to bring and also where to find you.


10. Once at the beach get everything out and start setting up. Make sure that your guests will find you easily so I would suggest you have some sort of marking or maybe a flag or even put your Tiki torches in a specific formation (just as noted in number 3).


If you have requested help from others then make sure to tell them too to be there earlier than the rest of the guests. This is so they can bring the stuff you need and also to help you set up!


11. Greet your guests when they arrive and make sure your party looks inviting. You must have some sort of music playing, even if it is low key and maybe even play some games. All that is left is to start mingling and have fun!


Dancing at the beach


Beach party dancing


Reach for the stars and dance away


Here you have it broken down into phases and steps. See how easy it is to host a beach party? With my tips above you all can host your own party. You could always host a small party to start with, let’s say around 6 people, and once you feel comfortable with hosting a party at the beach then you could host a bigger one.


This is what I usually do when I am trying out something new. Actually my first ever beach party that I hosted was around 8 people and I had them each bring their own chair and either 1 dish with food or a couple of drinks. This was a lot easier for me since I didn’t have the stress of organizing a huge party.

Beach Party Essentials


I guess this may also be the reason I prefer the more relaxed beach party. I want it to be as stress free as possible so to enjoy myself and catch up with my friends. My friends and I love saying goodbye to summer with a bang! That’s why we have beach parties at the end of summer.


Now these steps and phases outlined above all my own steps based on my own experiences. If anyone has anything else to add I would love to hear from you.


If you have any tips please leave them below.


Step by step to host your own beach party




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  1. Jennifer

    This sounds like an awesome event! I have never thought about hosting a beach party before, but love to go to the beach. I will have to plan this in!

    • D

      It is so much fun planing and attending beach parties! Follow my step by step guide on how to host your very own beach party and I am 100% sure you will have a great time!

      D, xo


    These are fantastic tips and can be used for any party, not just beach parties – so thank you for that. It all comes down to being a great hostess. <3


    • D

      It sure does! Being a great hostes is actually number one! So don’t forget to mingle with your crowd and make them feel happy to be there spending their time with you and your family and friends!

      D, xo

  3. Cassie

    Great tips! Having a beach party would be so much fun… maybe one day we’ll live close enough to the water 🙂

    • D

      Cassie, just maybe you will get that chance but don’t let that stop you. You could always apply these tips to a garden party too! Or any outdoor part for that matter. You may even go on vacation somewhere near the beach and have a party for your family or friends who are with you on holiday!

      D, xo

  4. Rachel

    These are great tips! I hope I have the opportunity to throw a beach party at some point.

    • D

      Rachel, I hope you get this chance too as it is soooo much fun!

      D, xo


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