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Kitchen declutter 15 items

The kitchen is one of the man areas we all spend most of our time in when at home. Its where the family gets together to cook and eat meals as a family. It is also a hub for clutter. The good thing is that it is also one of the easiest areas in our home to declutter.

By decluttering your kitchen, you are actually allowing you and your family to work better, keep it tidy and clean easier and also making your time more enjoyable. It also allows for young kids to help with routines and chores and is easier to maintain clean.

So, let’s see what 15 items you can get rid of to make your kitchen clutter free.

  1. Any unused appliances that have been sitting there for over a year.
  2. Tea towels that are worn out.
  3. Any duplicate items that are really unnecessary or even worse if you have way more than just 2 of it, then pair down to 2 at least.
  4. Fridge magnets and artwork or photos on the fridge. Your photos you can put in frames though 😉.
  5. Tupperware or other food storage containers that don’t have their lids.
  6. Chipped or damaged glassware
  7. If you are like me and have too many mugs, then pair down. Leave enough for your family and maybe a few for when you have guests over but that’s it. Toss the rest!
  8. Old expired food staples, spice, tin can etc. in your pantry.
  9. Keep 2 sets of dish sets and the rest donate. You only need 2, trust me I have my every day set and a larger nicer set for when I entertain. This was I use both sets and enjoy them too.
  10. Any smaller gadgets that you don’t use. For instance, I had 3 different graters but I only used the one which was easy to use and clean. So, I donated the other two. Have in mind these other two were actually different graters, they sliced, diced and cut veggies differently than the one I kept. But if you don’t use it, get rid of it!
  11. Cleaning products that you haven’t use and won’t use.
  12. Cleaning rags. You only need so many!
  13. Go through your junk draw and purge! You know you have one so go through it and declutter anything you haven’t used or is broken, damages or just not useful anymore.
  14. Kitchen décor items. Go through and see what you are not loving anymore and declutter.
  15. Cook books and recipe books. I found that was always using or going to specific cook books and recipes so I made a recipe binder and just added my recipes to this binder and got rid of all the rest.

Looking at your kitchen you don’t realise just how much clutter accumulates in there until you actually start to declutter and purge your items. Try to be ruthless with you items, go through each draw, cabinet, nook and cranny and get rid of what is not serving you in the season of life. We don’t need things to be happy. We need to be with family and friends, be with our spouses and children, spend time with them and make memories to be happy.

Simplify your life to have more joy by starting to declutter and have more time for those you love.

You can also try my 5 day declutter challenge which is free. You will receive tips and tricks and guidance to go through your entire home in a not so overwhelming way and get decluttering.

Oh and one last thing, once you’ve decluttered you can then decorate your kitchen counters with my tips in the article How to decorate your Kitchen Counters.

dimitra georgiou

Hi there! I’m Dimitra!

I love coffee, travelling, daydreaming, organising, dancing and crafting.

I help you get rid of the clutter in your home, establish new easy organising systems which you and your family can keep on top of so as to never have clutter again.

I also establish positive rules to be able to maintain the clutter free lifestyle you envision.

With my help we eliminate the stress and overwhelm of the process and at the same time you get to understand more about your own habits. This will eventually help you not fall back into those ways which had allowed you to accumulate clutter in the first place.

Simple Morning routines

Free 5-Day Declutter Mini-Challenge

Space means more free time, this means more time spent with our families and doing things we love. Not spending the whole time trying to get our home clean and under control.



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