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My Spring Fashion Favourites!


My Spring Fashion Favourites!


This Spring I see so many different ideas for fashion and it is the first time in a long time that I find the fashion is to my liking. I’m not a very fashion forward gal but for some reason I really love the pinks that have come out.


The Fashion this year with all the yellows, pinks, floral prints and even the Blazers are all AH-MAZING! There is definitely something for everyone!




During my childhood years I loved pink. It was not my favourite colour but I did like it. I wore it a lot too. But at some point later on I just didn’t like it anymore. I didn’t want to wear it or even have it in my house as décor pieces.


However lately I have really taken to it again. So this spring it is no wonder I fell in love with simple lines and pink shades!


It is also very hard to shop my size and within the fashion lines here in Cyprus as they do not cater to larger size women. Thankfully we have online shopping which helps every woman out there! The only downside is when they do not fit properly and you need to send it back for a refund or change of size. (This has happened a lot to me in the past)


I usually tend to only buy accessories, bags, shoes and tops online but lately everyone is trying to get me to take a chance and order a dress, short or pants online. I don’t know if I will but if I do I will get these favourites I have found!



These are my Spring Fashion favourites….

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Comment below what are your Spring Fashion Favourites?

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  1. Shirin

    I also went through a phase where I stopped liking pink, but I absolutely adore it again! That pink dress looks super cute.

    Shirin |

    • D

      I’m in love with the simplicity of the dress! Thank you for your kind words!

      D, xo

  2. Lexi

    I really like the earrings! It’s going to be summer before I figure out what I want to stock up on for spring…🤣

    • D

      Indeed they are too cute! 😉

      D, xo


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