New Year’s goals and not resolutions!


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Goals not Resolutions!

Why I chose to set goals and not resolutions.

So during the first couple of months of 2019 I decided to set goals instead of continuing my yearly New Year’s Resolutions. Why do you ask? It is simple. For the reason that every year we set New Year’s resolutions and by February or March we forget them (just like in 2019 here). So instead of having New Year’s resolutions I chose to set goals instead.

Now I might add that it was difficult at first but that is because I needed to set out how to achieve these goals too. (Read my first attempt here) Not just to set goals. Therefor this year, I will set my goals and not resolutions, with a plan of action too!


Goal Setting

This is the fun part. Set your goals. I like to set my goals into short term and long term. Basically what I want to achieve in the first couple of months and what by the end of the year. Then this helps me to break it down further.

However, it is a good idea to follow the SMART Goals. What this means is that for each goal you set it should be:

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Attainable or Achievable or Actionable

R = Relevant or Realistic

T = Timely or Time-Based or Time-Bound

Now let’s tackle what each one means and how it affects our New Year’s goal setting!

Setting goals and not resolutions!

New Year’s Goal Setting SMART goals


When setting your goals, you need to be specific about them and not vague like – ‘I want to make sales next year’. You need to be specific, like – ‘I want to make €200,000 worth of sales next year by selling my XYZ product’.


In my example above we have also added a measurable note of how much we want to make. This too is going to help us to achieve our goal. By adding a measure or quantity it gives us more details to help us break the goal down further to achieve it.


This is trickier. You need to make sure that the goal you are setting it indeed attainable, that you can achieve it and not get your hopes up because it was too farfetched.  Here you need to think about what actions are needed to achieve the goal and if it is reachable. Let’s say that in our example of our goal in achieving ‘€200,000 worth of sales next year by selling my XYZ product’ is reachable.


Now is this goal however realistic? Do you really need to sell that specific product to reach the €200,000 worth of sales? Perhaps you need to check the prices of your other products that you are selling more of? Or possibly there is another way to achieve those sales?

So here we need to make sure that our goal is realistic and not just what we think or want!


Now we come to the time aspect or let’s say deadline! You need to make sure you have an end date by when you will achieve the goal. In our example it is vague as we say next year. Perhaps we should state that we want to achieve this by the end of October? Whatever we decide we need to have in mind that it should also be attainable and realistic too.

Now that we covered how to be more SMART with our goals so that we actually achieve them and not let them slip through our fingers like New Year’s Resolutions, we can now categorize our goals.


Most of us have 4 simple categories, while others may break them down further. Let’s see the main 4:





Then you could also break it further but this all depend on what you want. I would suggest to stay with 4 and then maybe once you get the hang of this add more categories as you go.


To recap, we need to be more specific with our goals which means to make sure the is a measure and that it is a realistic goal. Also we need to make a plan to achieve the goals by knowing your deadline and from here you can break down the tasks needed to get to the final goal!

In simple terms – set the goal by having a clear specific measurable and attainable goal that is realistic and can be achieved on time!

I have already started to plan for my New Year’s goals but let’s just say that I am still working on them. So far I have a goal and plan for my side job but nothing else for the rest of my categories.

How about you?

What do you think of Goal Setting instead of New Year’s Resolutions?

I would love to hear from you about this topic.

Comment below your thoughts

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