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How D’s Ideal Gifts started out

D’s Ideal Gifts – My handmade gifts, baskets and more!


D’s Ideal Gifts is the name I gave my craft business. This business consists of my handmade gifts, baskets and more!


At first it didn’t start off as a business but as a way of expressing myself through the gifts I made for my friends and family. On special occasions I would either bake a cake (a recipe that was new to them), or make them a unique, handcrafted gift or both! My friends and family loved the stuff I made (especially the Christmas decorations) and they started to pay me to make them some of the gifts I had made, so that they could gift them to their friends and family. That’s how I decided to launch my Facebook page D’s Ideal Gifts!


I have a wide variety of gifts as I make them upon requests and make them according to the customer’s needs. They give me the budget and theme and off I go doing my magic! I am most passionate about the handcrafted parts of my job and the freedom to create unique, one of a kind gifts. This business has grown dramatically for me and now I have decided to move forward with selling and shipping worldwide. Some of the items I offer here in Cyprus will not be available for shipping due to restrictions on postal service laws. These restrictions will be clarified with each customer upon their request or order of a specific item.


In the near future I hope to add and online store here on my blog as to give you all better access to purchasing D’s Ideal Gifts.


I hope you all visit my Facebook page to see all the wonderful gifts and decorations I have made over the years and if you can’t find what you’re looking for just ask me by email or through my blog or Facebook.


The email address for D’s Ideal gifts directly is dsidealgifts@hotmail.com


Thank you all for caring and supporting me on this new journey I am taking!