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Stocking fillers can seem very hard to find but when you think outside the box you will find so many options. I know some people have stopped the stockings entirely but I will urge you to bring them back. Keep the stockings as gifts from Santa and the other gift under the tree from mummy and daddy!

I don’t know about you but growing up we didn’t really have stocking stuffers or fillers; however, you say them. Our stockings were more of decorations over our fireplace rather than using them for small gifts. However, this is something I want to do with my kids some day and I have so many exciting things I want to add that I thought this list would help you too.

Now don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of what to put in the stockings this year as I have compiled a very long list for you to have on hand. You can print it out and use it as a checklist and tick off the ones you add in this year so you know next year to put it something different.

Some items on the list are obvious but others you may not have thought of. Also some items may be good for specific ages and genders, so take a look and let me know your experiences.


  1. Chocolates
  2. Chips
  3. Biscuits
  4. Microwave popcorn packs
  5. Candy canes
  6. Fudge
  7. Gingerbread
  8. Cookie cutters with a recipe to follow
  9. Cookie sprinkles with a recipe to follow
  10. Hot chocolate bombs
  11. Mini marshmallows
  12. Marshmallow toasting kit
  13. DIY ornament kits
  14. Stamps
  15. Stickers
  16. Mini sticker album
  17. Dried fruit
  18. Small stuffed toy
  19. A mini craft kit
  20. A key ring
  21. Slime
  22. Pencils
  23. Pens
  24. Notepad
  25. A mini calendar for the next year
  26. Other stationary items
  27. Puzzle
  28. Lipstick
  29. Lip balm
  30. Mascara
  31. Rouge
  32. Foundation
  33. Nail polish
  34. Manicure kit
  35. Nail file
  36. Nail cutters
  37. Tweezers
  38. Perfume
  39. Shaving supplies
  40. Bath bombs
  41. Soap bars
  42. Bath salts
  43. Bath loofa
  44. Hair clips/ties
  45. Hair brush
  46. Head bands
  47. Cuff links
  48. Jewellery
  49. Broach
  50. Ring holder
  51. Trinket dish
  52. Mini mirror
  53. Watch
  54. Deodorant
  55. Candles
  56. Gift voucher
  57. Personalised Christmas ornament
  58. Phone charger
  59. Ear pods / Bluetooth 
  60. Day cream
  61. Eye cream
  62. Sunscreen
  63. Hand cream
  64. Eye patch mask
  65. Face – sheet mask
  66. Face – peel off mask
  67. Hair mask
  68. Slippers
  69. Socks
  70. Underwear
  71. A yo-yo
  72. A scarf
  73. Gloves / Mittens
  74. A hat
  75. Tea
  76. A cute tea strainer
  77. Coffee
  78. Mug
  79. Bookmark
  80. Wine opener
  81. Wine bottle stoppers
  82. Glass cup markers
  83. Reusable straws
  84. Beeswax wraps
  85. Massage ball
  86. Small games like dominos
  87. Card games
  88. Essential oils for diffusers
  89. Wax chips for burners
  90. A journal
  91. A book
  92. A planner
  93. Write a poem as decor
  94. Rubik’s cube
  95. Silicone food huggers
  96. Coasters
  97. Santa hat
  98. A reusable fabric bag
  99. USB or SD Card
  100. Phone holder

This was the list of 100 ideas for you to have on hand to get some ideas for your stocking fillers. You can print the list here and keep it on hand for next year so you know what you have put in so not to add the same thing next year.

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