The Best Beauty Products for 2019!

    The best Gift I received for Christmas! Christmas is the best time of the year. It’s the season of giving, of hope and peace. It fills our hearts with love and makes us feel happy and hopeful. A season of giving without the expectation of receiving! Christmas presents, in my family, stopped a long time ago. We just stopped giving gifts to one another and kept it simple by giving the younger kids gifts only. This year Well this year I decided I would buy myself a gift for Christmas and I had my heart set on a specific gift! I thought I would treat myself for once! So I…



    MY NEW FACIAL PRODUCTS Before I get into the details of my all-time favourite and relatively new facial products I would like to inform you that this post does contain affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase any of the below mentioned products through the links I have provided I will make a small commission that is at no additional expense to you.     Lately my skin is not as it used to be. It has become dry, and I can feel it sort of pulling tightly. It is a horrible feeling and I couldn’t stand it any longer. So I decided to go out and…

  • My Favourite Face Mask from Apivita - Live Dream Create-D

    Apivita Face Mask with Aloe

    Apivita Face Mask with Aloe *This post does contain affiliate links   The best moisturising face mask you will ever need!   This face mask is one of my favourites. It’s Ah-mazing! You have got to try this. Trust me, you will love it! Read on and I know I can make you a fan of this Greek brand Apivita!     Apivita beauty products are my top choice because they use 85-100% natural ingredients. Their natural and holistic approach is what sets them apart from so many other products. Their products are free from: Silicones Parabens Mineral Oils Propylene Glycol Polycyclic Musks Nitromusks Phthalates And more   The Apivita…

  • My Spring Fashion Favourites - Live Dream Create-D

    My Spring Fashion Favourites!

    My Spring Fashion Favourites!   This Spring I see so many different ideas for fashion and it is the first time in a long time that I find the fashion is to my liking. I’m not a very fashion forward gal but for some reason I really love the pinks that have come out.   The Fashion this year with all the yellows, pinks, floral prints and even the Blazers are all AH-MAZING! There is definitely something for everyone!   MY STYLE   During my childhood years I loved pink. It was not my favourite colour but I did like it. I wore it a lot too. But at some…