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    Inspiration for Home Decor

    INSPIRATION FOR OUR HOME DECOR FROM IKEA   I just love looking at the new home fashion even if I am not really looking for something in particular. I think we all want a few new items in the house every now and then to change up and refresh our home.   To be honest I am not a superficial person but I do like changing out a few home decorations with the change of season and now that summer is coming to an end (boohoo). So I want to try and make my home cozier for winter.     Where I get my inspiration from   Seeing as here…

  • Handmade Pillows by D's Ideal Gifts
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    Pillow Gift Ideas!

    D’s Ideal Gifts – Pillow Collection   Hi friends! Today I am showing you the pillow collection that is made by, yes you guessed it, yours truly ME … D’s Ideal Gifts.   Decorative pillows and cushions have come a long way since the basic square and rectangle shape. More and more designs are coming out and more and more people are buying them for their own homes or children or even to gift to others. GIFT IDEAS This is a unique gift for any occasion and can be personalised to suit the needs of anyone. A few examples are: Baby Shower Gift Newborn Baby Gift House Warming Gift Birthday…

  • Easy Easter Crafts for everyone
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    EASY EASTER CRAFTS   EASY EASTER CRAFTS FOR KIDS AND ADULTS   With Easter just around the corner and the kids being at home, I thought I would talk about some easy Easter crafts you and your kids can make to decorate the house.   These activities will keep your kids amused and make your home more festive. I know it makes my home more festive as I always make crafts with the kids in our family and extended family. We love to all get together and make crafts and it also gives us the chance to spend more quality time with extended family.   FOR THE KIDS DIY EASTER…

  • Spa gift basket tutorial
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    The Ultimate Spa Basket Tutorial

    The Ultimate Spa Basket Tutorial So you guessed it! I’m going to give you my step by step tutorial of ‘How to make the Ultimate Spa Basket’! Yep, I’m letting you in on my secrets! My very own secret for making the perfect Spa Basket! My tips and tricks will help you make your own super special ultimate spa baskets! So grab a pen and paper and take notes!   Before we start, I know I don’t usually give out my tips and tricks, but I thought I would let you in on this one as I feel that you have all supported me through this fairly new process of…