• Valentines Day Celebration ideas
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    Valentine’s Day Gifts, Gestures and Outing Ideas!

    Valentine’s Day is approaching and before you know it the shops and online stores will but full of gift ideas and much much more. While I personally love the idea of Valentine’s Day I am not really into the over the top commercial side of things! What I mean to say is that I love the idea of celebrating love and romance but I do not want to break the bank doing so. There are so many restaurants and shops that sell at a much higher price on that one day and that is ridiculous! Therefor I decided to write this post to give you all ideas to celebrate Valentine’s…


    The Best Beauty Products for 2019!

    The best Gift I received for Christmas! Christmas is the best time of the year. It’s the season of giving, of hope and peace. It fills our hearts with love and makes us feel happy and hopeful. A season of giving without the expectation of receiving! Christmas presents, in my family, stopped a long time ago. We just stopped giving gifts to one another and kept it simple by giving the younger kids gifts only. This year Well this year I decided I would buy myself a gift for Christmas and I had my heart set on a specific gift! I thought I would treat myself for once! So I…

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    Christmas Gift Guide for the Blogger

      CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE  Bloggers are constantly in need of props and tools to help them be more organised and to be more professional with their business. This gift guide will help you give your blogger friend something that will be useful and practical for their business. Christmas gifts are all about the thought and not the actual money you spend on that item so these gift suggestions I have below are all going to show that you have put thought into the gift you were buying for your friend. *Before you get into the list of gifts, I just wanted to point out that there are no affiliate links…

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    Gift Guide for the busy Woman!

    GIFT GUIDE FOR THE BUSY WOMAN AND MUM   As busy women we try to do more than we can on a daily basis. Most of the times the gifts we receive are not useful or practical for our busy schedules and therefor I decide to write up a gift guide that we need to help us with what is best to buy as gifts for us busy women. Whether we are stay at home mums, business women or just women trying to make ends meet we all need some more help in life. The following gifts are a mix of what we need, what we want and what we…

  • Planning your Christmas Gifts today
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    How to plan your Gifts for Christmas!

    HOW TO PLAN FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFTS   It is now almost mid-November and we all need to get a head start on our Christmas shopping. I am usually one of those people who leave everything until the last minute. But I am trying (emphasis on the word ‘trying’) to be good and make a plan of what I will get and for whom this year.   Making a plan sounds simple but for others it may be hard. This is why I will share with you how I plan for my Christmas shopping in this post.   Ok so I guess some of you might be rolling their eyes…

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    The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

    The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift – Spa Baskets and Scented Heart pillows!   What is the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift? What gift will you buy for your Valentine? Have you thought about the gift you will buy at all? Wouldn’t you like to buy a gift that is more tailored to your person of interest?   Valentine’s Day is not only for couples!   Valentine’s Day is a day for everyone to express their love to one another! It’s not just for couples but as I said before, it’s a day to show one another that we truly love them. A day to be with your love ones (whether its…

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    Last Minute Gift Ideas

    So it’s only a day before Christmas and you realise you forgot to buy a present for so and so! Great! Now what? You start to panic and maybe even be hard on yourself because you forgot about this person entirely. Don’t worry! I have a few ideas and tips that will help you out!   These ideas and tips are good for you to have in mind all year round, not only for Christmas gifts.   Now depending of the person you have forgotten you will need to get them a gift that fits their age, gender and of course your relationship with them. Also you could always decide…