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    Christmas Gift Guide for the Blogger

      CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE  Bloggers are constantly in need of props and tools to help them be more organised and to be more professional with their business. This gift guide will help you give your blogger friend something that will be useful and practical for their business. Christmas gifts are all about the thought and not the actual money you spend on that item so these gift suggestions I have below are all going to show that you have put thought into the gift you were buying for your friend. *Before you get into the list of gifts, I just wanted to point out that there are no affiliate links…

  • Planning your Christmas Gifts today
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    How to plan your Gifts for Christmas!

    HOW TO PLAN FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFTS   It is now almost mid-November and we all need to get a head start on our Christmas shopping. I am usually one of those people who leave everything until the last minute. But I am trying (emphasis on the word ‘trying’) to be good and make a plan of what I will get and for whom this year.   Making a plan sounds simple but for others it may be hard. This is why I will share with you how I plan for my Christmas shopping in this post.   Ok so I guess some of you might be rolling their eyes…

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    My Travel Bucket List!

    Let’s talk about Travel Bucket lists today!   How many of you have a Travel Bucket List?   How long is your list?   What counties or places do you have on your list?   My Travel Bucket List   Well my bucket list started of fairly short and simple but lately it just keeps getting longer and longer! I keep adding places that people tell me about or places I read about. I may have to start to categorize them!   As you all know, I love to travel, and any chance I get I grab it and go! Well actually I don’t just get up and go but…