• Setting goals and not resolutions!

    New Year’s goals and not resolutions!

    Goals not Resolutions! Why I chose to set goals and not resolutions. So during the first couple of months of 2019 I decided to set goals instead of continuing my yearly New Year’s Resolutions. Why do you ask? It is simple. For the reason that every year we set New Year’s resolutions and by February or March we forget them (just like in 2019 here). So instead of having New Year’s resolutions I chose to set goals instead. Now I might add that it was difficult at first but that is because I needed to set out how to achieve these goals too. (Read my first attempt here) Not just…

  • Healthy yogurt bowl


    Healthy snacks to stop the sugar craving!   With all the changes I am making in this New Year(see my post on my New Year’s Resolution), I am actually finding it harder with the craving of sugar than I thought I would.  The healthy meals are not bothering me so much and surprising enough I have actually kept to my meal plan which is great! But as for the sweet craving after lunch or in the evening, it’s actually taking its toll on me. I’ve started to get grumpy and moody! I have a lot of determination though and I will stick to it! I really need to lose weight…

  • Flat lay for exercise theme

    New Year’s Resolutions put into action

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Now that the New Year has finally started and I’m back at work I feel like its time to get my New Year’s Resolutions started. Yep…no slacking! Need to get into that routine I was talking about. So in order to do this I have placed a goal for me to keep track of what I have achieved and what not.  This is to help me see what works for me. I have given myself a bit of slack in order to figure the schedule which best works for me and my family. Part 1:  Being more healthy For the healthy part of my resolution…