• The best granola you have ever tasted

    The BEST Granola Recipe!

    The BEST Granola Recipe You’ll Ever Need   Don’t you just hate it when you search for something on the internet and you end up with so many results to choose from? You type in ‘easy granola recipes’ or ‘best granola recipes’, well I have found that perfect one for you so you don’t need to continue searching.   I have found the best granola recipe there is out there. It is easy, simple and you cannot go wrong with this recipe. Now before I get into details let me tell you how I came to find this recipe and why I loved it so much.       END…

  • Homemade Dog Treats
    Dogs,  Lifestyle


    Homemade Dog Treats   We all want our dogs to have an odd treat or two, buuuuut we also want them to have something that will be healthy! So homemade dog treats is what we are making today!   There are so many chemicals and preservatives in the ready bought treats that I prefer to make some at home for my dogs.  In some cases I do find treats at the pet store that are freeze dry which is a better option than most treats. You will never see me buying the tin cans unless prescribed by their doctor and I also try not to give them those bones that…