Lately I keep hearing people talk about decluttering, minimalism, zero waste and KonMarie method.  All these topics got me thinking, I wanted to see what this was all about. So I did a bit of research on each topic and I ended up wanting to learn more about declutter and Marie Kondo’s method. It looked like it had a great impact on a lot of people and they all said it was easy to do. I saw videos upon videos upon videos on how to declutter and the steps to take. The video on how Marie Kondo uses her method to declutter was very interesting and although I do not…

  • summer essentials for Cyprus

    9 Summer Essentials – Fashion Wish List!

    SUMMER ESSENTIALS – WISH LIST   Summer is here, but not for long! I know you all have already bought your summer essentials and you are either on your holiday or have already been on your holiday!   Well for me summer is almost gone here in Cyprus. (Check out some tips on what to know about Cyprus here). Only one more month left and then well, autumn will be here! Now saying this doesn’t mean our temperatures drop too much but it’s not really summer!   My Holiday   Honestly it is the first year in a long time that I have not actually enjoyed summer. I haven’t enjoyed…