• Santorini

    SANTORINI – The Truths and Expectations!

    So we all think we know what to expect when visiting Santorini, but do we really? What are our expectations? Let’s talk more about the truth of what to expect while visiting Santorini. Santorini the most famous Greek Island of all but just how magical is this Island? Does it live up to the expectations of its reputation? Is the sunset really the most breathtaking? Is it just like the photos everyone posts with white building and blue domes? All these questions about the truths and expectations of Santorini will be answered in more detail if you just continue to read… Here I will talk about just that but much…

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    48 Hours in Sofia – The full Itinerary.

    The Capital of Bulgaria   Sofia is one of those cities that not many people want to see or even know about it, but I promise you it is well worth the visit. It has so much history and culture that you will be amazed.   Traveling has always been a dream of mine. Even as a child one of my dream jobs was to become a stewardess on a plane so I could travel the world. I thought it would be easier if my job allowed for this dream to happen. Well these were the thoughts and dreams of the child me!   What I mean to say is…

  • Top to do in Sofia
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    Top 11 Things to do in Sofia – Bulgaria

    Traveling to Sofia   The capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia, has much more to offer than what people are led to believe. Sofia has a long and complicated history and has so many stories to tell you.   There are so many churches, mosques and the architecture is stunning. You can also see many buildings that are from the 19th century and during the Bulgarian revival when the country regained its independence.     Location of Sofia   Sofia is found in the western part of Bulgaria and is at the bottom of Vitosha Mountain.  Vitosha is known for its ski slopes, hikes and nature paths.  Sofia also has 4…

  • Camp like a pro if your a beginner
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    Camping for beginners

    CAMPING TRIP   Camping is not for everyone. God knows that it is not for me. I never liked sleeping on the ground where there are creepy crawlies and hard surfaces. You could say that I am a princess, just like my hubby says (hahaha). I like to be in an air-conditioned/heated room with all my amenities to be clean and comfy.   So here is the thing though. My hubby LOVES camping and in the 15 years we have been together we have never been camping and he really does want to go camping. I thought it was time for me to try it out.   I had been…