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So now that Easter is over we are about to put away our Easter décor but before you do so, this is the perfect time to declutter them first. I love to declutter just after any season as this allows me to truly see what I enjoy displaying in my home and what doesn’t get used can go.

From Easter and Spring wreaths to small Easter and spring décor, we are going to declutter them before organizing them back into storage. Are you ready for this?

There may be a few of you here saying that you decluttered and did a spring cleaning session just before Easter, well that’s great. That means it will be easier for you to see if you have décor items that you didn’t use at all this year and may want to consider getting rid of them. However, for those who didn’t have time for spring cleaning, this is your chance now. So lets get started with the tips.

Tips to declutter Easter and Spring Décor:


Look to see what did not get used this year and prior years. I would get rid of these immediately. The only reason I would hold onto something if it had sentimental value in which case I would do one of these 2 things:

  1. Make sure to decorate it in my home next year or its out of my home next year
  2. If it’s not my style and I don’t want to display it, I would consider putting it in my memory box otherwise its clutter so out it goes.


See based on what got use and what didn’t, maybe there is a pattern I need to notice. My style may have changed over the years and so by recognizing this you realized that its ok to part with things that no longer serve me a purpose or bring me joy or enjoyment. However, you like to see it, we evolve as people and during this season of our life we just may not want these items.


Make sure all your décor has a home and that it is not overflowing. If your storage box or cupboard it full of décor and is actually overflowing, then you need to declutter more until everything fits comfortably in the allocated space.


Organize your décor based on Easter Décor and Spring Décor and don’t forget to label them. This way you can easily find what you need and you will not forget you had these decorations in the first place. With this you ensure that you actually style your home with them and you will indeed appreciate each and every item you display.


This tip can actually help you with any type of declutter so keep this in mind when decluttering other areas of your home too.

I would like you to ask yourself some questions before storing anything for next year. These questions will help you declutter or keep.

  1. Why didn’t I use this item this year?
  2. Has my style changed?
  3. Have I had it for many years and just don’t really love it anymore?
  4. Was it passed on by someone to me and that’s why I’m holding on to it?
  5. Does it deserve a place in my storage for next year?
  6. Does it deserve to be in my memory bin instead?
  7. How long has it been since I displayed it in my home?

All these questions will help you determine if you will want to keep these items of pass them along and declutter them.

Once you have done the decluttering, it’s time to organize what is left and clean. I love this part just as much as decorating my home, I know it sounds weird but I do love it as it feels refreshing and clean but also like a new chapter is starting.

Please let me know how you go with the decluttering. For those who are ready for a 5 day declutter challenge check out below and sign up to get started with my free 5 day declutter challenge.

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