Tips on storing your Christmas decorations

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How to store your Christmas decor

The best thing about Christmas for me is decorating my home. What I don’t like so much, is putting all the décor back into storage. What I try to do is make it as fun as it is to decorate. So, I’ll put on some music to keep me motivated and just jump right to it.

There are many ways to help you store your holiday décor, whether its to save space or make sure your ornaments don’t break, you will need to find what best suits you. I have prepared a list of tips for you to go through and see what best suits you. Just remember if you don’t try them, you won’t know if that’s the way for you. So, try them out this year and let me know what you found useful!

How to store your ornaments

My favourite way to store my ornaments are zip lock bags. The really fragile ornaments I wrap in tissue or bubble wrap and place them in zip lock bags. I do the same with my bulb ornaments too.

Another idea is to use an assorted tray system where you can place your ornaments in each section of the tray. They are usually stackable too so you won’t have any space unused.

Which ever of the above two ideas you use, my tip is to then add these to a weather tight storage container to keep them clean and safe. If your container is not clear then you should definitely label it so you know to find your holiday décor easily.

christmas ornaments boxes

How to store your lights

Now from my own experience, it’s best I leave this to my husband as he is meticulous on the perfect way to keep them un-tangled. So, I just let him do it. His way is to take the lights and wrap them around his arm and elbow and then he uses 2 zip ties to keep then neat and tidy. I store them in a shoe box and this has worked well for me. Oh, and I labeled the shoe box so I know it’s the tree lights.

You can also use a piece of cardboard and wrap the light around them and then store then wither in a zip lock bag or a container that is weather proof.

Also, recently I found another amazing solution for the lights where you wrap the lights around a specific filing cabinet hanger which is for lights. They are called Light Cord Wrap and you can get them off Amazon. Then all you would do is hang these in a clear box just like you would do with the cardboard idea.

Christmas lights storage solutions

How to store your wreaths and garlands

A traditional way is placing it in a bag and then into a box so it doesn’t get all dusty or squished. However lately I don’t have a big enough box so I place it in a rubbish bag and then hang it in my storage area.

There are also Wreath bags nowadays which help keep them dust free and fluffy as they are when you decorate them.  Check this bag and this one too.

How to store your Christmas Tree

Storing your tree is maybe the hardest to do as we have been taught to disassemble it and put it back in its box. Well, guess what?! There are more options! 😉

The first option is the Christmas tree bag, where it is kept safe and away from dust, water, mold you name it. This is however using the old traditional way where you need to disassemble it and then put it in the bag. I know a few people who actually manage to put it in there not totally disassembled which is kind of cool.

The second option is the bag which zips up the Christmas tree as is it standing up on its stand. The first time I saw this was an old lady who put 2 rubbish bags over her tree as it was with ornament and lights and all. She just covered it up and put it in storage as it was. This is not my idea of storage though so I would put all my decorations away and lights and then use this bag. Now you might be thinking but then where or how would you store it? You guessed it; you would need to store it vertically so I guess this may not be the right option for everyone. I kind of wish this was an option for me but hey, at least my tree is only 3 pieces.

Christmas tree storage solutions

Well, that’s all I have for now but if I haven’t mentioned something specific and would like some ideas and advice, then let me know. Send me an email at or comment below.

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