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valentines day gift ideas

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and while not everyone celebrates this holiday some do! Well for those who do and those who don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, I have a quick list of ideas for gifts. This gift list for Valentine’s Day gifts is a way to help those who may need some ideas of what to get their loved ones.

Some even celebrate this holiday with their friends and family instead of their other half (you know what I mean). It is always nice to give gifts and receive the happiness and joy from the other person’s reaction but moreover it is always nice to show our love for our friends, family and of course or soul mate or other half.

Gifts do not have to be expensive and nor do they have to be in line with the Valentines theme.

Here are a few suggestions for Valentine’s gift ideas:

A date night other than on the 14th of February since the prices are overboard and also bookings can make it difficult to get in anywhere. So choose another date to celebrate love!

Blue polka dot and stripes note book   Bubbles notebook


hearts note book    hearts spiral note book





A journal book for them to write whatever then need to. Like this one with hearts on the outside cover or this with a simple blue pattern journal.

A throw pillow for a comfy snuggle on the couch like these options: A heart pillow, an arrow shaped pillow or these throw pillows with designs called Tangled Mess and Valentine’s Hearts. Another favourite is the design Peonies and Confetti throw pillow.

Gift idea, THROW PILLOWS - Pink Fluffy Panel Heart
Gift idea: Throw pillow designed by Dimi22 otherwise known as D's Ideal Gifts
Valenntine's Gift idea: Peonies and Confetti throw pillow designed by Dimi22 otherwise known as D's Ideal Gifts

A spa basket gift that you could put together using my guide here  or you could order one from D’s Ideal Gifts here.

How to make the Ultimate Spa Basket Gift

By Category of passion

If they LOVE nature you can get them a nice plant or flower for their home or office. Flowers always make you smile.

For the baker you can get them some recipe book or better yet a book for them to write their own recipes down so that they can then pass this along from generation to generation.

The tech person will most probably appreciate head phones or even an external storage disc, maybe a game to play on their computer or wireless charging station for their mobile or tablet.

For the gardener you could get a nice packet of seeds with beautiful labels to put where they plant them, maybe a set of gardening gloves and a book on flowers or plants is also a great idea.

For the Busy Woman

The busy woman may like an organizer or a diary of some sort to keep all her appointments and important dates. She would also like a day at the spa so a nice gift voucher for a day at the spa or a massage would be a great idea. Also refer to me busy woman Christmas Gift Ideas for inspiration on more gift for any occasion.

Gift guide for the busy woman

For the Busy Man

As for the busy man, well if your married he would probably like a day of peace and quite so maybe send him of for a day with his mates! Otherwise you can get him his favourite drink and food for dinner at home or his favourite perfume.

For your children you can get them:

  1. Books
  2. A journal
  3. Take them to the movies
  4. Arrange a play date with friends
  5. Visit the Zoo
  6. Puzzles
  7. A new piece of décor for their room that doubles as a gift like a star pillow or a cloud like these here: at D’s Ideal Gifts (album of nursery pillows)
Scented Heart pillow

I hope these suggestions have helped inspire you for your gifts this Valentines’ or for any occasion really!

Need more Valentines gift ideas? Read here:

You can also refer to my other post on The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift for even more ideas here. Also my Valentines Gifts, Gestures and outing ideas here for those who want something more outside the box.

If you want more ideas for gifts visit my store on Red Bubble here and see what else we have there for you.

If you have any other great ideas for gifts please, do share them with us.

Comment below with your suggestions too.

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